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That's when you add care. Yes second was concerned about something you would turn them on. No i gave up on that over the weekend. Particular powerpoint. we'll show after the show have a cold. I a little bit. Yeah congested great. I've been tested for covert though you have a cold though. Yes wonderful no. I don't think it's allergy but symptoms says that has allergies this time allergic palm crazy. I'm fine yeah mine was a cold last week. I'm of and maybe. I got it from date we made. That clear wasn't crying. Care the first eighth and All right well. I guess we're here might as well do a show. So we can just hang. That's that's fun fun. I love that when i see people to two hours you know. Dale used to say that. We'll we'll talk with them. We might say. Are we sell a fun on today's show jerry. Now let's say we have never had fun evert in the show. I find that hard to like. What like i would never do something else. There was never i never. This is the thing. I wanted to world every never ever as a listener. That almost hurts a little tight great times but it was said to me. We'd rather be playing golf. Someone with no one else. In the course the sixty eight degree day with a little light wind your face and i would say yes that every single time you're not interacting with great wrestlers triple h. Didn't quote tweet you when you show this weekend. Jeez quota performance happy father's day to the one survivor been walking the older. And you never never quote tweets me. I want remmy as well. Nothing just total silence between writing paper for three years nothing. It's any savage. Take nothing from these guys. Great on always sunny or whom. I know much but now right if i was ready macho klinsmann dead forever. I don't know my. I'm gonna say dave macho man die look it up. I'm gonna say died in may of twenty seven may twentieth twenty eleven become. Let me come on. give me another wrestling. i'll give you the day died. Why not give me one. Dave who's dead. I mean roddy piper. Oh okay roddy piper say joi- twenty fifteen yup july thirty first fifty while he's you look these. No i see things. I remember them. I recently once. I january remember. I don't remember anything. But yeah i have a good. I have a good mind for that is a as chief jay strongbow still kicking. That would know any dykes remember him. I'm sure he has since expired. Okay what about yokozuna oof he died a long time ago right yes yeah ooh. I don't know I'll say i'll be way off february a ninety eight. I got october. Twenty third two thousand. They well ain't crop with him though. The month is what scared me you guys about youth. How about this one. This one was well known. Brian pullman. Oh boy again though. Like a youth guy army but but.

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