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So paternity leave Lou bad back and had etiquette all one week and finally a Florida man was arrested in a months-old attack during which he allegedly used a Samurai swords who threaten and assault a jogger as they fought over a wheelbarrow the victims that he found a pile of trash house going on that for all the way does that lodge information sports that are on ESPN radio all throughout the day happy thirty eighth birthday birthday to Serena Williams a happy birthday to her. I don't care good luck so there was some some excellent Journalism Sports Journalism Pulitzer worthies journalism done the other day by Detroit Lions beat reporter Kyle Minke. He spotted spotted someone who looked like Stan van Gundy hiding in the upper deck with his dogs and he outed him. He outed him as an upper deck goer of two games of forty five win teams with his dogs. It has to be here man. I'm guessing you can only bring the dog so the upper deck. That's probably the rule but we check in now with Stan Van Gundy for a couple of reasons one of which is to congratulate him on his new Gig at TNT and more importantly to congratulate him him on being able to laugh at the Absent Mike Ryan and his Cleveland browns because Baker Mayfield has the goods dude is what Mike Ryan. Dan said to Stan Van Gundy and Mike Ryan has been out with the family emergency all week of the browns losing on Sunday night and so here's Stan van Gundy joins us to the first question I have for you. It was indeed your dog dog or dogs at that game and if so why the hell were you at a tigers game okay it was my wife and I were out in Michigan visiting our two oldest kids who both have dogs and they wanted to go to bark complex so I was with not my own dogs but with my kids dogs and it was a great event now I will say when you go to those things. It's hard to watch the game. I mean you you end up just watching the dog you're within and all the other dogs but it was it was a lot of fun. I mean probably more fun than watching the Tigers Right now is they lying down a season where they're not. GonNa win any so you know but it was it was a funny thing and it was a great night. It was seventy five degrees so you couldn't have had a better night and I like it yeah. I'll have to do it sometime well with my own dogs. Now I know you you say that you're only up in the upper deck because that's where they keep the dogs. Did you send an email like hey. I'm Stan Van Gundy. I can go down what about what about me. Can I just go out on the field with my dog. Can I poop on face well. I actually thought letting the dog on the field would have been a good idea but but no my my name doesn't carry a lot of weight in Detroit the now they've ran me out of town so i. I don't know the trying to make that play. would've would've gone. I'm very far anyway staying. How do you think the dogs received that night because I've gone to bark at the park a couple of times and I've found that my dog doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as like all the humans humans around enjoy the idea for the park yeah that might be true but my my sons and daughters dog seemed to really like it now the part they really liked was you know coming into the stadium and you know being able to socialize with all the other dogs they love that and you know being there and being able to have fun with the other dogs. I didn't really notice them paying attention to the game a whole lot though I didn't notice most of the fans around paying attention to the game and the only sections were close to full. Oh we're the dog sections. Every the restaurant is empty while I was. GonNa ask you about that too because every time I go to the park. My dog is not paying attention to the game and we talk all the time time about what are we going to do a baseball baseball's time. We can't keep kids paying attention to the Games. It can't keep fans attention game. No one's talking about how we keep. The dogs interested in a baseball game and you'd think dogs of all people would be super interesting because it was a boggling back and forth the entire team and they can't even keep dogs attention now. It can't though I will say that you you know both of my kids dogs. what they liked was you know getting the ballpark hot dog they. They enjoyed that they enjoyed the experience anthony go into the park and getting so far it was good. Stan. I've always wondered on these bark at the park nights like what happens. If the dog has to poop yeah we'd just cleaning love with baggy right. Yeah you bring bags with you if you have to but I I didn't notice any like in the areas they have like relief relief areas where the dogs can P poop so yeah and then you just clean it up and out of those areas so that they have that all taken care of and I'll tell you what all the pet food and pet treat companies or they're giving stuff away so the tickets were like fourteen dollars for each person Jason Fourteen dollars for each dog so 'cause you accu pie space. You get far more than that in giveaway stuff up there so It's actually even if you I didn't want to go to the game. It would be worth it to buy those tickets to give away places. Fill up your bag and head home you. Its worst worst pricing admission so if every dog needs a ticket. I assume there's a seat for every dog. How does this work with the larger dogs or they like awkwardly sitting with their arms on the arm rest yeah. Actually it's funny I mean most of them are standing in the you know in the aisles and things like that the really big dogs but yeah you do have to get a space base for each dog but you know the dogs. My kids dog sat in my my daughter has a really small dog. A terrier and my son has a Husky mix. It's a little bit bigger and tall taller but he they both sat in their seats for a little bit but you you know they basically wandered around and I seem to me with all the dogs were looking for from their own owners and from others were treats they wanted to get that sounds is about right. It's also what you want it. Antonio Right fighting my kids dogs for those Antonio Antonio. Put It on the poll. Please do dogs enjoy bark at the park and Stan if you ran the Pistons with the financial efficiency of you just describing describing the bargain that is fourteen dollars per dog but you can leave with a bunch of bags of free samples. If you ran the Pitch Pistons with that kind of efficiency you would be to you see right now in the east. That's possible especially for this coming season. you know that enough for the talent is sort of left east. I guess that's possible before you go. You WanNa Make Fun of Mike Ryan. WHO's not here about the start of the Cleveland browns season. You were there yeah there. They we're GONNA win. You know what hold on a second stand. We're going to call him in. We're going to call and see if we can find if we can get you to make fun of him on it. It's just going to sit there and take but he doesn't really need to be here but we want them to listen to you when we need him to hear some of this. Donlevatar punctuate this segment with what is your strike three call the strike one would be and then stand up a good point to the right Stugatz but straight through you get down low. You got your hands behind the catcher all right the right arm armed goes up into the air and then you finish it with the right arm way up into the air. We're like audio's off. This is our show with two guys on. Espn Radio Radio Stan Gundy GONNA continue with us year on the Shell Pennzoil performance line so it wasn't that long ago as the browns were the hype train one of the off season they were on. I take all the time they were really being celebrated Stan Van Gundy and Mike Ryan Browns Fan. Mike Ryan got into an argument about Baker Kerr Mayfield now. The browns are wanting to rex Ryan and saying that Baker Mayfield is overrated as hell. Let's go back in time a little bit to listen briefly to Mike Ryan and at a happier time in Cleveland Browns History Mike Ryan and stand talking about the browns during the off season. They'll sure are you that Baker. Mayfield is going to be a star mean. He's got the goods dude now. If there's any unnecessary it's got to get out of debt. Thank you very much definitely deserve. They got the goods. That's gotTa be more than two minutes. Five minute sure yes. Yes a five minute yeah. He's got the goods dude my grind. Do you want to defend yourself right now. Okay stands let him have it stands floors guy is i. I checked yesterday in. He's one of the top thirty two quarterbacks in the NBA. Two quarterback rating you know so I mean that makes see. I'm a starting quarterback in the NFL it makes him the worst starting quarterback in the NFL and the the thing. I think you add to it is everybody got so excited. Because everybody thought allow Baker Mayfield's a star he's got the goods and all of that and then they put all these weapons surround him and that's a terrible often so you know i. I don't know I mean my point. All along with the browns is is until they prove otherwise they're the browns and whoever you put in those jerseys is GonNa find a way to not be as good as you think. I think they're gonna be and so far now thoroughly so far. It certainly looks at Mike any Rebuttal. I mean Oh really okay all right. What's your later. Thank you checking with you. During your time thank you sir might discourage. The three came into the season. Take off a week from work and I think he's in a depression. Watch him that is correct all right Stan Dan. We'll catch up with you later and congratulations on the new GIG. It sounds like a lot of fun. We are going to miss you. Hopefully you stop around here every once in a while. I hope so too. Thanks Dan so. Have you guys gotten the quotes on Brett farve talking about this is a conversation that's God's than I have been. Having for the better part of ten years as we have loved talking to wide receivers and asking them some version of the question would you rather have twelve catches for one hundred forty yards and a loss or two catches edges for ten yards and a win and outside of the Super Bowl. Almost everybody responds they want the stats and even though we talk all the time about team unity and team sports and sacrifice their very human emotions involved and STU gods loves to accuse the STAR Player. Oh you're who's sitting and having to watch someone else have success be bitter and angry and jealous about what should be joy. It's a natural reaction. I'm just trying to point that out. It's just a natural thing to feel as you watch someone else. Take your job so Brett. Farve is saying that he li- manning I didn't enjoy basically any part of Daniel Jones's Sunday victory against the Tampa Bay box where Daniel Jones did a handful of things. Eli Manning has never done done ran for a couple of touchdown game overcame an eighteen point deficit was great against pressure so what are the quotes from Brett Farve on this billing early. He's said quote you and I- anyone else can only speculate what I was thinking for us it on his weekly serious. XFL NFL see serious accent NFL radio program mm-hmm but you have to think that deep down inside a part of him not wanted to see Daniel Jones fail but want but not play at the level that he did the great right. It answers a ten year old question. Thank you Brett also answering ten year old question. Is this this director who is making a movie about Action Park. This is something that God says introduced you to. It's considered the most dangerous action park in the world world. We did a thirty for thirty on at once. What if I told you thousand nine hundred seventy eight to nineteen ninety eight it was a waterpark that regularly killed Patriot that had the survivors longing to come back on its opening day over one hundred swimmers were saved from the wave pool that the wave pool was often referred to as the grave pool employees would describe as underaged undertrained and often under the influence that ride designers may have had insufficient training in physics and engineering that a guest once said they seemed to build rides not knowing how they would work and then let people on that during testing testing of the Canon Ball Lou dummy were thrown in and repeatedly came out the capitated. The ride was altered until the dummies came out and tat that park employees within offered one hundred dollars the tested out themselves. The pork owner purchased additional ambulances for the town to keep up with incidents at the poor work out..

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