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Ray no more with that what happened with rahab and that's what so unreliable i'm sorry but i'm i think i'm loki done with ray whoa i'll what trash talk rate i don't know i'm just joking i'm not joking but i'm joking ray ray because i you know me man i don't know ray ray you will know ray rages did a national commercial about the all those markets did you see those means they made about him though oh they were remy drake where he's like this he's like turned away at half a barfield and then next to it was the whole bar it was just so stupid let me see let me see if he's actually made the internet i'm gonna put it in ray and i doubt the whole bar a friend ray who's the great gun very talented i love ray and i do not want i think reasonable come to the world thing raised them be a very famous person or can be very successful he's a rapper and he's very talented he's a great writer and he's a he's an actor in aspiring actor he's an mc he emcees for the spurs so he doesn't lie he always stays busy but he just he wants to plan this and then he never pulls through it's like why did i commit to that that's the only thing about like it's not that don't want to do anything with ray i would it would be my pleasure us i consider it an honor to do something with ray but ray does i how many got them here's i gotta tell him you're busy.

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