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The really don't care is it a cultural thing. Well, I can tell you that we do care does go on and so- managers and team Representative go to a lot of measures and through of loopholes to make sure that it doesn't happen. And I can remember in preparation for COPA medic and twenty seven in Argentina, by the way, where they're where supposed to be people in the bushes watching Venezuela trained because apparently that we were that big of a threat. And so it does happen. And and I don't I don't think it's. Accepted. I don't think because it happens. I don't think that makes it right? And it's something that coaches have gone a long way to try to minimize and South America. But everybody wants to have a niche. Everybody wants to do something extra. What I find incredibly entertaining from my said. Oh, yes. As for him to say, well, we we've been doing this is the world co for our qualifies for Argentina, and oh, by the way. Yeah. My bad because heading for permission. Well, you're gonna ask for permission. Who's by? That's not spine wanna say come on. I mean, listen. Franck has right. What you say, technically? I mean, it's it would go against the morals of coaches in what people should do. But I. Cotton overly Andrea scouts from legionnaire been watch before while right? Looking at team shape. Plays tactics. Substititions? Yes. Frank can work in a little bit different. And maybe with names these team personnel. When the game starts within the minute is a different shape, but these guys have caused and starting the sidelines with a coach is next quickly. What coat of teams move from about four or a diamond or a number tan. The these things that are what quite quickly. So Stevie said the difference is going to make is negligible as you point skulduggery exonerated time in frontline pas been involved, and he was involved at Chelsea. And I was telling Stephen Lewis he was involved in jail. If we remember when Josie Marino in the laundry, but was banned from the ground. Beg Champions League allegedly Kim in a laundry basket to give a time team toll. Tell me doesn't go on please. What's your taking the whole situation? Big news in England. Yeah. I think it'd be great jobs. Steve Nicol that man in the Bush overseeing somebody who's a good job for him. But you know, on on with Craig you can see Dhabi county play three or four days ago, you're going to send scouts there. You're gonna watch exactly what they're trying to do each not going to change his tactics that much between that game this guy, and they might be one or two things he might change. But if you're confident about what you're putting out there as a team, and what you're doing tactically, you shouldn't have to worry too much about what the position of every time we do a country in Cregagh Telia Stevie tell ya Elliott tell you we almost no that the two teams formation. They're gonna play. What seems it's going to be because we get information from people, and that goes all around the old round the country in England is world so much for Franklin Paul to worry about to tell you. I did have a best call dug myself, the all gums grown away from home. When I was bond. I was sending messages tell you to do. I was sending. Now, you're assistant get other. Not in the game upstairs in Seattle. Remember Remember it? Well. it and he ended up, and it was where the come you could want your phone, then, but But you you come come in in full. full. Need more moved on? Really been we've move on them all has the second. They privy league season. All ramped-up apparently mentioned city, you're going to be champion g ninety they're going to be in full. If you can if you want to read his companies or very old down there on ESPN, AFC dot com. The place to go..

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