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We went in and that's exactly what teddy Roosevelt here when he was changing up when he was charging up someone hell right there they call them the cavalry and that some lady out of because you know play the drums patriarchy is our judge that imprisons us at birth wow okay patriarchy is our judge that imprisons us at birth okay that's weird because you're like playing a kazoo and and drums and apparently like people are covering you and beneficial fashion okay self the women's March in big success according to media not as big a success as a couple of years ago because no one cares anymore but a big success and his using drums and then there is the Virginia March feel truly even our they all some media have decided to play this Virginia gun rights rally which tens of thousands people showed up part of the peaceful and people were there with guns and new guns are bad and scary guys we know the band's Gerry because guns are bad and scary and so because there were gun owners who showed up and had bad and scary firearms that are bad and scary that means that they're bad and scary and also apparently white supremacists some of the headlines from the media here are just astonishingly terrible I truly truly awful so for example here is one of the headlines from the Huffington post the headline from the Huffington post is quote thousands of pro gun activists and far right extremist warm Richmond so I'm western eleven statistical breakdown as to how many far right extremists and how many were pro gun activists because this is sort of like saying a million women show up a million women show up pro choice activists and also pro life activists resume okay maybe it's like half and half no it was like to pro life activists near counter protesters also the media relying on the fact that there are a couple of white supremacist who are attempting to apparently planned to infiltrate the March and then start shooting because they want to make trouble because what's promises are most garbage people on earth but the media played this as though it was what a white supremacy March truly it was it was reporters treating out that this was a white supremacy Marcia this is not a white supremacy March this a gun rights rally end of story and yes it is legal in the state of Virginia to carry along on this way that's okay by the way if shooting had broken out in there been an actual terrorist in the crowd you know what happened one of the other relatives would shop that person that's what would happen at this rally something bad happened yeah but I wanna safely and when I find the media were suggesting that this is like on the verge of terrorism there's a white supremacist rally actual point something out this was nothing like Charlottesville they're comparing this to Charlottesville Charlottesville was clearly billed as a neo **** white supremacist March I'm looking at the poster in front of me right now okay unite the right rally was billed as eight as effectively in your Confederate **** March you have Richard Spencer heading up and chasing hustler and Christopher Cantwell it literally on the poster had pictures of Confederate soldiers marching with the Confederate flag it had pictures of eagles like eagles reminiscent of the **** regime is supposed to look like that get it in that it would there not hiding the ball but apparently according to media this this thing in Virginia it was like right on the verge of breaking into a neo **** riots even those once people showed up and then and then left to get good here as of the of the of NBC news originally he tweeted out a clip of the members of this rally saying the pledge allegiance and he labeled it that they were chanting we will not comply because it's just solid media coverage does not the leader that's we by the way he corrected it say oh yeah different part of the rally they were saying we will not comply my bad either on video but by the way even if you say will not comply with an unconstitutional order I'm confused as to how that isn't fully American this is Martin Luther king day I am Martin Luther king day we should remember there's a fair bit of civil disobedience going on during the civil rights era and that was good a civil rights era so the Serbians was worthwhile the notion that you can disobey a wall that violates the constitution is deeply embedded in the roots of the American revolution and in the constitution and in subsequent American history so people chanting we're not gonna comply with unconstitutional laws I fail to see how that is an American in anyway it was the crowd chanting we will not comply.

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