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I empathize with their I I. Still I don't hold any grudges toward now because. I mean. If somebody looks different. You choose not to look at. Right. But if somebody smells different and smells bad and your the unfortunate person who has locker next to them or zinc behind them in class. You can't do anything about that and they were shocked that I describe it that way but. I mean I wouldn't have wanted to be around me either and that sounds awful but. Needless to say that caused some problems for me in the long run. Schiller as far as how I saw myself and how. You know viewed May. Absolutely now because I can imagine that. I. Mean. CAD Kids Kids A. God bless him but they can also be very cruel because they don't understand and if they don't have maybe. Adults. Teaching them you know how to respect differences and other people I mean, and it's interesting when you when you sit talked about smelling different I, remember there was a ghoul girl in school who? SMELLED FUNKY and a lot of people it was like they didn't want to be around her and and me too and you know and I don't know what her issue was but it was just like you know yeah and and I now looking back at it it's like, wow, you know I feel bad for how I reacted because she wasn't nice person I don't know and yet. For whatever reason she had this issue so How how did you? How did you finally maybe deal with this? What? What was Guess. What what other how did that make you feel dealing with all these kids you know as you were growing up and then and then into adulthood. Well. Okay. So. Ours is all homeless my second place I had two older sisters that very much loved me and took care of me. I was looking at pictures this week. Of My Childhood in all the pictures at home..

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