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North Texas business icon has died. Southwest. Airlines co founder herb Kelleher, who's eighty seven Kelleher and Southwest Airlines co founder Roland king sketched out their plan for the airline in nineteen sixty seven on a cocktail napkin, according to legend with a simple idea flying should be affordable for all Texans. Former Dallas Morning News airline reporter Terry maximum says Kelleher was larger than life. The moment you met her. He was he was your your best friend. You're the only one in the world in front of a he made you feel so good until reporter you have to kind of spec back from that. And maintain your objectivity in covering her m Southwest Airlines Terrel the business analyst, David Johnson was a close friend of killer meeting them in the late seventies. Johnson says Kelleher was originally a lawyer before taking control of the airline. Did something is very hard going from what is an essence an individual occupation. You know, a stand on your feet think on your feet, you know, trial attorney to somebody that could delegate and connect with you not only the flying public. But it's thousands and thousands of incredibly dedicated employees. Kelleher was eighty-seven Austin York. Newsradio KRLD forward police chief Joel FitzGerald will not be making a scheduled trip to Baltimore. He has been nominated as that city's new police Commissioner and was supposed to meet with community members starting today. But in Fort Worth FitzGerald was on a walk with his thirteen year old son who suffered a medical episode that required immediate surgery, Baltimore's mayor. Says the community meetings will be rescheduled. Now, Carol, traffic and weather together. And we're still looking at this really an accident in grand prairie the first one. I twenty westbound at great southwest Parkway. This was a fatality crash all westbound lanes are closed in the backup to that. There was a second accident that had I twenty close the back near carrier Parkway looks like that secondary accident maybe in the final clearing stages, but westbound twenty still closed down because of the fatality cracks so stay away from that stretch of I twenty. And from the.

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