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Denver played a good ballgame credit down getting the win. It's a good football team. Got good players, and we just didn't have enough whatever to make some plays in the second half. Over it in the middle of whatever sound like a head coach to me, have whatever. Chuck Pagano there if you didn't know who that was that clip, obviously a few years old. Yeah. Twenty seventeen. So I thought so not that old. So the those last year. Okay. Yeah. I Chuck Pagano interviewed yesterday with the Denver Broncos. Mike cliffs of. Nine news up in Denver said on Twitter, quote, her Chuck Pagano made strong impression today with Broncos. John Elway led head coach search committee like John Elway wouldn't believe confident and detailed. He's got a chance. Many of you have come out colts fans and non colts fans to say, this is this is not the guy that sound clip. Probably doesn't convince you anything. You look at Chuck Pagano. Has been a head coach before. Some to be said for that. Like, look he's stuck around longer than munch acted and munch considered the front runner for this job. Yeah. I don't know. If you saw that report munch hack is the guy to beat according to. Mike cliffs, so there you go. Chuck Pagano was a head coach longer than Mike munch was. But here's the thing. The AFC south was AFC south is still not a great division. But it was garbagey. Oh when he was top thing about it Jaguars normal. Jags not the one year AFC championship. Jags. The every other year Jags the titans with Mike month. Check, by the way. And then you have the Texans who have been you know, up and down probably consistently. The biggest rival to the colts in that division over the years. But still took advantage of a weak division was Owen eight against the Steelers and the patriots the best teams in said AFC. I'm not saying this to disqualify him. I'm just saying that. There are some definite. Knocks against the idea of hiring. Chuck Pagano today. The Broncos are interviewing exact Taylor kind of other end of the spectrum. No NFL head coaching experience. In fact, no NFL now I lie. He was the OC for the Bengals for year. So I shouldn't say that he's never been in. No, see. But right now, he's a QB coach for the Los Angeles Rams. And I don't think Taylor's the guy either. I think Taylor. If the Broncos are going to go with drew lock at number ten in the draft or trade up for Dwayne Haskins. They are going to want a progressive offensive mind. Not Gary kubiak. Not Bill musk grave. Zac Taylor is not interviewing to be the head coach of the Denver Broncos today. He's interviewing to be the offense coordinator, he just he just doesn't know it yet. Because that's what John always gonna do. John Elway because he wouldn't be able to get an interview because there are other teams that are interviewing for for a head coach. And I think they are doing the same thing. I don't think Zack Taylor is going to be the head coach anywhere this year. But he'd be a heck of an offensive coordinator. And if you're going to draft a quarterback at number ten, especially one that needs some structure, but still some progressive thought in the offense if you're going to draft a drew locker Dwayne Haskins that Taylor's your guy, but you have to choose between the two of them. The Broncos did not interview their head coach yesterday and interview their offensive coordinator today. If they wanna go Taylor, if they wanna go lock than go Fangio and just turn the clock back, and let's do this rebuild thing. We can all get behind a rebuild. Right. We all can understand the thought behind it. We can have patience. No misplaced expectations. Or you. Go Pagano you bring in kubiak to be offensive coordinator. And now the case keenum still your quarterback. And you're not. Not lowering expectations. People are going to expect the Broncos will be back to the playoffs that might be what John Elway wants. But that's the way he's going to get. If he goes down that road coming up tomorrow, we'll be Mike check that supposed- guy to beat. According to Mike Klis. Here's story number two back.

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