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The decision that I have made after thoughtful prayer and consideration. Is not to seek another term as mayor of this city. What started out as a bank transaction gone wrong, turned into a confrontation and an hours long standoff with police and ST Cloud, Minnesota. Chief Blair Anderson says a man took five employees hostage. Some of the hostages were released by the suspect and some flat out that made a run for the door. I made it out safely. When the last one left, police move it in and made the arrest Wall Street right now the Dow is up 150 points. NASDAQ is up 1 74. This is CBS News. Fasted wealth, personalized and affordable financial planning for everyday Americans. No wealth or asset minimums. Quality financial advice for every stage of your life. 11 3 on Friday may 7th 2021 61 in the nation's capital on the way up to the mid sixties. Good morning. I'm Brendan Hazleton. And I'm John Aaron. The top local stories we're following this hour. A man has been found dead in a Fairfax County shopping center. Police are trying to determine what happened and why the man was found lying in the road here in the Santilli shopping center of Jason to Dulles Expo Center. Fairfax County Police chief Kevin Davis says the victim is a Hispanic man who was shot several times, but we don't know Anything about motive, any other particular circumstances? This is an area that generates a lot of foot in vehicular traffic. Police are asking businesses for surveillance footage. Even if it doesn't capture the crime in progress. It may capture our victim coming or going May capture a suspicious vehicle coming, you're going potential gunman coming and going on foot in Chantilly, Neil Organ, Steen Wtl P News..

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