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To small businesses after the first round of aid for more than that amount ran out in just two weeks our Seth Doane who's based in Rome has been sidelined with the virus this morning he has some good news to share hope revision guidelines so you need to negative test separated by twenty four hours to be officially freed from quarantine so as soon as I was exposed to people who were known to be positive the doctor said you have to be in quarantine and I the tested turned out I was positive it's just gotten his second negative test result some countries in the E. you are beginning to ease up on restrictions although large gatherings are still banned in gyms and restaurants remain closed some restrictions are being eased in Germany Norway Denmark and the Czech Republic from today the coronavirus curve levelling off here in Britain too but officials say the lockdowns here will stay awhile longer to avoid putting added stress on the National Health Service it's crucial that the NHS is able to cope and that that isn't a second peak for infections lockdowns extended in France and Britain to Vicki Barker CBS news London police in Canada say a gunman disguised as an officer began his shooting rampage in a rural Nova Scotia town didn't stop for thirty miles by then he'd killed sixteen people CBS's Earl Barnett according to authorities the victims were shot in several locations including inside and outside of the home fires were also set police have not yet released a motive the gunmen also died more Californians are taking the high road during the corona virus some marijuana delivery services say business is doubled Alex brown works were a dispensary in LA does not have to much to do so you know it is is you know for a recreational standpoint can kind of make the day go by that quicker and a bit more interesting Dow futures down four ninety seven this is CBS news why settle for average with Capital One you can open an account with the savings rate five times the national average welcome to banking reimagined what's in your wallet Capital One NA member FDIC from the downtown Minneapolis studios of news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news good morning mostly cloudy forty two degrees at eight OO three and Steve Sampson governor walls says yeah he's on the side of people who want to see the states businesses reopen he also told Dave Lee on the morning news that an arbitrary opening will simply not work it's about trust people if we don't have a backseat and we don't have treatment and and things are still going up you could open all the store who's going to go in and try on clothes who's going to going to a pack barn set next to someone no one has to trust to go back to with the business leaders understanding as we need to make sure that people feel like it's safe to come back well says Minnesota is close to widespread testing thanks to research being done by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester which the governor calls the gold standard Minnesota state home order expires in two weeks but wall says chances are slim that he'll reopen schools to allow students to resume classes you have an infectious disease center director Dr Michael Oster home says those antibody tests like the ones that are being done at mail are extremely important but he also told daily this morning that some tests that are out there have been rushed into production and we know that a lot of these tests are terrible in fact a very senior SDF official just a week ago on a conference call the state public health lab director said yep he knows a lot more crack now has should not instill confidence in people out there getting this house closed her home says the pandemic is shown healthcare professionals of there's nothing easy about this virus he says the public needs to hear good straight talking information about the outbreak and what's being done to contain it as of yesterday this state has one hundred forty three new confirmed cases and thirteen additional deaths bringing that told one hundred thirty four in southwestern Minnesota sixty people tested positive in nobles county many workers there have been sickened at the JBS pork plant in Worthington we'll get an update from health officials in the governorate to this afternoon live coverage here and on the radio dot com app health care workers in Minnesota may have more N. ninety five masks available soon thanks to a Twin Cities company T. S. side based out of shore view work with another company and found a way to re use the medical masks president Tom Kennedy hello user filter tester innate tested a process called vaporized hydrogen peroxide were they put the masks in the chamber in the past this hydrogen peroxide gas into the chamber it and it turns out this does in fact disinfect the masking allows in the reviews it Kennedy tells Arshi Rajkumar they've gotten FDA approval then I'll be able to disinfect the N. ninety five masks for re use up to twenty five times and in okay county man is under arrest facing charges after police say he is responsible for a series of sexual assaults and near the U. of M. they say reports of the sexual assaults dated back to at least twenty thirteen MPD chief Medaria Arradondo thank those officers for their hard work leading to the arrest and acknowledge the bravery of the victims and I will tell you that all of our law enforcement partners involved in this arrest I did not forget you they were determined to make sure that you were not forgotten in this and we were fortunate to come to a result which once again will hold this individual accountable for his actions a sketch of the alleged suspect was released last month and reward was offered resulting in a large number of tips to police the Minnesota BCA and F. B. I. also help to confirm the suspect's identity I'll shock news talk eight three WCCO and I'm Steve Sampson on.

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