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The protests going on all over the country now Ohio is doing it to that nobody's doing a like Michigan massive amount of people today in our state capital in a couple of you do massive turnout today and this'll all be up on the national news tonight well one of the organizers call it and my good buddy she was talking about the the masses of people there I mean it now in Michigan you've got to ninety six running through thus the main I. ninety six are running through Lansing area I don't know if they're lined up as far back but they hadn't gone back past Howell consistent saying how many people were there and they've been vilified by our attorney Joe archery journals bad news she straight up me girl really S. Dennis is a mean girl that's not hyperbole she's a mean girl got netted too she got a serious message and she really really really wants to beat the crap out of Christians because she thinks that there anti gay that kind of thing and so you were up against that and then we're up against a governor governor that enables her and a sector of state that is now able by her as well and it's it's terrible what's happened in Michigan it's terrible and this is true I'm sorry you've heard me say it before I'll say it again this is straight up the fault of the Republican Party hundred percent Democrat party Republican Party because of the Republican Party done the right thing when Rick Snyder was in office and acted all sorts of conservative type legislation reform just just taking us back to the constitutionally limited the tax which they didn't do that now had they done that they would have been a look back and say look what we did for you guys you're looking scars with thousand dollar bills it it it really would have been a different ballgame but no no Republican Party at the time bought into which they always do well we've got the system here and now we can't be too well we don't to be too aggressive mobile we're we're going to manage this well we're we're going to manage it a little better but we're going to manage this as opposed to let's bring the sucker down rebuild it the right way that's that's what happened on DEC would just piss me off you got people actually started talk like that though this is good World Trade Organization WTO the World Health Organization the WHL the United Nations all three of those operations are run by run by the Chinese Communist Party that's when you see the CCP that's what they're talking about they are how to percent if they're not they're way away aggressively influenced me then I have a figure head up there let the client the other who but you get the point they really are and there are few people actually start take note of this and said you know we got to get out of this from a hundred percent the fund us and then you've got people like Bill Gates coming out now the people they pay attention to him to get that more on mark Cuban running around acting like he might want to run for president he really is not a smart guy he just he's a lucky guy hadn't been a right place right time next thing you know he's a multi gazillion and people actually listen when he talks but if you listen carefully as he's not that smart but anyway the up you know people always think that people with money are so smart they're sub sub business accurate they're so smart and some of them are some of them really are but some are not and mark Cuban falls in the summer not category but anyway Bill Gates now running around talking about how we cannot undo fund the World Health Organization be the worst thing we could possibly go now you're also saying that right now Susan rice and Valerie Jarrett if they're saying it they will it's knows what he's talking about would you say that he did notice talking about the side with them see what man has to say and and they really do bad stuff by the way her today Gordon Chang he was on with the Harris Faulkner he was talking about how had the World Health Organization the WHL had they come out of that side was trying to try to cover the whole thing up there could have been hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives saved because they covered for this virus for ever so the change could had by all it's it's not communicable between humans what there's not really a bad virus what yeah that's your World Health Organization let's keep giving her money Matt you're on the edge every time I'm on hold with thank you I always think of so many more things I want to talk about but the thing I really called about was to say that I have heard although I have not heard the owners on the radio that beginning on the twenty seventh of April anyone inside the filler resident but anyone who comes in the Oakland county or lives in oak lawn cutting will be required to wear a mask when ever they are in public really I don't know about that I've not seen anything posted about that what did you hear that from my wife who heard it from the radio but I have not heard that that's an auto leveling I'd like to see if I mean I'm not saying it's not the case but I'd like to know where that comes from somebody could speak to that and say here's who's come out with that and why just Oakland county what county could say you're doing this brother ones don't I don't get that well the new L. Brooks Patterson well actually I like L. Brooks Patterson personally but the new guy that is the mandate caught make a call your local what time either on their gone now it's after four o'clock probably but call and find out I'm just I'm curious are you know if anybody else is there anything about this and then what the hell does Dana Nessel know about patriotism yes yeah well do I know about they know about world citizenship that's what they know about the I said something earlier to show run this by you I said that right now we're focused on trying to get the economy started up again or four focused on getting the you know get the goodness out of fascist locked down and doing it the right way there is a right way no not yet and that's fine but when do we ever turn the state around on a more meaningful level where for example our state legislature slicer state legislature says you know we're gonna audit every function of government everyone and the first thing we're gonna do is we're not going back our government salaries by twenty five percent we're going back to a state constitutionally limited tax amount and we're gonna you know just down the line just bom bom bom we're gonna become our right to carry states that kind of thing it's it's I what where where the hell are those people how come we can't ever do the right thing instead they get in and they say well I kind of got to go along a little bit with the system because I you know I I got to make the best of what it is I got it so they never really do the right thing to descend up buying into the system you agree with me or not the only way to cure that it is the clone Patrick Colbeck good I was looking for you're not gonna you need more people like him everything you mentioned is definitely necessary I hate to be a cynic about it but you know especially the fact you're cutting back salaries are yeah I believe it but it it's almost laughable you knock me over from that with the brother of whatever happened my job well here's what they always come down those go okay there truth to arguments they always make the ones that are conservative they'll say I can't do that yeah that's true I can't move that fast I I got to play my hand so that I'll get to this next position and then then I can start doing stuff that kind of thing or or we've got the system we've got and we got to make the best of it but if you're making the best of it when you're trying to advocate for even if you're the only guys down on the longer race point that left would you wanna do the right thing we'd say I'm gonna stick up for not one dime going to any educational facility whether it's college down through kindergarten until everybody performs at the standard of the where they are and what they're after twelfth grade to read a twelfth grade level if you're in university and your are running a school of education you're not teaching children to big all right well children account students becoming teachers to be a social justice warriors that kind of thing what should they be doing that absolutely but unfortunately once again no one in government has the colonies who has the office will fortitude to do that no you're wrong real quick question what is the definition of the word draconian Draco Draco who's us straight up I've I can't remember the error and once it was Levin sentry maybe somebody called me on that night or history Draco he was a it was a we're gonna put your head on a stick kind of justice and so when they said record and so most most vicious it can possibly be that kind of thing the hot most hard as you can imagine a lot and somebody called to let me know about that can you maybe a dark star would you look up Draco please is D. R. A. C. O. he was a real guys far as I know but he would and he didn't get on the wrong side of a segment Lucy twisted heads off chickens June gone wrong senator all right thanks for the call to the Persian all right the son of the Oakland press Oakland I'm just reading headline because I clicked on the piece and a good put puts foremost pop ups all like Wall Street journals through the snake it reading and subscribe Oakland county requiring essential workers essential workers to wear masks open scorn of virus testing site in panic what that says to me and I haven't read the article yep what that says right there keep in mind that our governor has said only essential workers could be on the street and I I read the whole.

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