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Morning when I went higher. Boy ready for the deck pitcher. We're at ninety four days four hits a hundred. Oh, you mean on Monday night, we're playing the ran. Hundred days on Monday night since Eric berry has played or practice for the Kansas City. Chiefs. Didn't we say is gonna come out like sting come out of the rafters on Monday night for the one hundredth day? God almighty. Music that you're talking about staying the singer. No, man, mid-nineties rushland come on just so talk right here. How did stink like at a police come Monday. We'll only be nine hundred days from quadruple digits since the last time Eric berry did some work on this today today. I'm I wanna go back and look at our coverage that first week, and we're probably like, oh, just let them sit for the rest of the Cam. No big deal. Like, why reactivate your injuries for a little bit air said it didn't appear to be a big deal. Fanny was on it fainting thought. It was a big deal. I don't know if you thought it was going to be missed almost. But the first thing I thought about when I when the desk Brian thing happened was Eric berry. Well, fli you hear like sore? Achilles. It's like it's like hearing like you have Kosor NCO. Whoa. That sounds bad. I don't know what it is. But you don't like bruiser your achilles. You know? I think the bigger deal here is going to be twenty six games. Yeah. And counting. So what is it gonna be twenty seven games? It'd be twenty eight games. Then we're supposed to just assume that he's gonna be ready to go older berry. I I've been saying December thirteenth against the chargers is the first game that he plays. That's that's that's my theory on it. I don't know. I I still think he's coming back. I have no nothing to base that on the blind optimism these coming back at some point. He'll only miss thirty three games or something. You know, only. It's not baseball jewelry realized three three games. Baseball's another in the NFL two seasons. Yeah. That's it's pretty it's pretty incredible. When you get back to to last year, how many games it's been. And I know I was on here. Just like a few weeks ago saying like man, berries, kind of like, a different athlete. He's gonna come back and get his foreign pretty quickly. But like. Man, twenty six twenty seven games. That's all. Ninety four days. What what precedent is there for a player to miss two seasons and come back and be the same guy? I'm sure there's somebody out there. That's been a good suspended or something like that. Probably Bob Sanders as maybe the only comparison, you can maybe think of something that's for. Yeah. Yeah..

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