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The back of the end zone a touch back for the baltimore ravens will bring the offense of unit out and mike they had not been able to at any time during this game you know they booed the ball very well to throw the knockout punch and indianapolis is still here and i kinda put it on their defense you know this defense is supposed to be one of the top defense is in the nfl and they've missed a ton of tackle frank boards run through m while and mack has run through them in these offensive line is a makeshift off until blind baltimore's defense got to play better alex college back it again joe flaco is gonna throw it he's fighting his tight end benjamin watson orbiting side numbers for completion and a pickup of about five yard john first out once again with downstairs scott capital and the other thing about this is guises that you you say you put it on the baltimore defense mike remember john harbaugh coming out at halftime says we need to run the football you would think that baltimore would want to be as a word used earlier the bully they'd wanna start imposing their will on their offense winding their running game and thus far have really done that yet well they did it on the first series that set up the field goal but not the left seward second data law enforcement just outside the thirty yard alive bad emotion i'm going to give it out of jets leak the camp aero kennedy are side mix up a blockade of all the first out out across the forty yard lied the block was thrown by nick boyle was friendly with the highest farley who knocked them out of al's but that's the baltimore first out on a pick up up night this camp in arrows an interesting guy needs to stay healthy coming out of wake forest he was going to do it all pump returners slot little but a running back in i think john horrible in this offer ends in baltimore needs him for some of.

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