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News Radio twelve hundred w. What happened you used to go hours without visiting the bathroom? Now, it seems like you're constantly getting up to pee and you're even getting up at night to go. This is not okay. Listen. The makers of Super Beta Prostate, the number one prostate formula are introducing a new wonder pill. Super Beta Prostate P free advanced with three key ingredients. That are great for your prostate. If like taking three prostate supplements in one to celebrate we're sending free bottles to men who want to cut down on bathroom trips. Yes. Your first thirty day supply is free pay shipping and handling call one eight hundred two five two eight nine four zero p three advanced clinically tested, nonprescription ingredients to support your prostate. Combine that with a reduction in urges to p if you have a formula you'd be crazy not to try get p three advanced free. Call one eight hundred two five two eight nine four zero one eight hundred two five two eight nine four zero one eight hundred two five two eight nine four zero. Okay for today's sales. Meaning I've got a new handout it's entitled the foresees how to deal with a shopper who comes to our jewelry store after he's been to diamonds direct. I see complicate get their heads spinning with terms. Like GI sl one VS. I to make them think our diamonds are just like the ones that diamonds direct second see confused refer back to the I don't let them compare apples to apples. We'll lose every sale trash diamonds direct. If you have two thirds, say comfort talk them into a smaller diamond or an inferior cut diamond that way, we can be competitive on price with diamonds direct and the fourth sea change change of subject, tell them how we've been here forever. I tell them knockoff rings are just as good as the designers at diamonds direct, just say whatever you can. So you can get the most important of all commission. Other.

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