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He can run. Yeah, but you're, you're beach safety, you know, police officer, I feel like you have those big beach umbrellas today or that you could probably use for free. Yeah. So he's a beat safety officer and he stole an umbrella from the from the beach? No, no. Now from beach from a woman's car, she wanted me car at a restaurant at a bar. She was at a bar. She had her beach umbrella. You know, a lot of us do our beaches right there, right? He decides to steal one instead of, oh, I don't know, borrow one from his place of work because he doesn't have any access to any beach gear. Right. I'm sure. And he's also not at all aware of the law? No, not at all. We had. This is a different story. Okay. We had a woman in new Smyrna beach. She her friend found her a horseshoe crab, and she found Jesus in it. Oh, why in the cry labyrinth elaborate? Yeah. Well, again, I'm from Texas. So usually we find Jesus in tortillas, but in Florida, they find them in horseshoe crabs, and I tell you what I could see them. It was on the on the show and she was so didn't come away. This was the shroud of Jesus is in the crap shows in the crab show. Yeah, and actually have a tweet about that. I can give that to you all later l. just re tweet because it was very popular, looks just like them. Wow. Yeah, you need. You need to. Please copy us on that tweet because I need to see. Okay, Lauren, I want to tell you this for we let you out of here. So we had Jeremy shop. Of course, you know the, I mean the the bastion of journalism here ESPN we had Jeremy record something for our show like his joke couple of weeks ago because his show leads in ours of air serious show, and I sent him a script I'd written or just an idea. And I said, hey, I'd like for you to read this. And so he read it in his deadpan, Jeremy shop, you know, read saying, coming up next emotional store of a Florida man who like salt, revenge over a former lover by trying to burnish trailer down with a pasta Getty and Jeremy's immediate response was, how do you come up with the stuff? And I gotta do. This is real, and he didn't believe is. So I sent him a link to your story and so so yes. So we have, we have managed to teach ESPN's journalist a story about journalism, and I just want to thank you for that opportunity. Oh, you're absolutely welcome. Ad that I can help. Tell them about like the bull costume and all that. It just it'd It'd be. be. Yeah. Because Florida, yeah, we appreciate you so much Lorne. You're welcome. It's been a pleasure. Yeah, we'll we'll be back in a couple of months and and we also we're going to be doing TV stuff when we might be calling you for that too. So they sure always excellent adding. Thank you Laurin corn, hillbilly hill on his correspondent in Florida him by thanks. You don't go naked man on a on a luggage, carousel. That's what y'all come here for. Is that the kind of hard said they found Jesus into crap shale in only they find Jesus in the tortillas. But this time they found it in the yet. It's Marty McGee ESPN radio. Mardian McGee not your typical radio show this topography, the right word that isn't making word. See, okay, Mogae professors from Radford. We'll be thrilled by that. No worry more Marty and McGee next. Ooh, yes. Kiss he Arouna mortaring myself blind radio spin app Sirius XM channel eighty. We are presented as always about progressive insurance..

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