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And rescue crews and the homeless and chilean counties are waiting for weather to improve so they can continue looking for two missing hikers along the pacific crest trail so khomich sars says the haider's activated an emergency beacons saturday cruise dragged reach them from the little one actually ford trail had but bad weather forced them to turn around no word on their conditions highway 20 near diablo is snowed in the road is always a problem in the winter and right now it's closed until at least tuesday for avalanche danger if voters in kent will have a chance to cast their ballot for a man who may not even want the job russell hands gums says he rose curious voters guides they've been twenty wasn't having the best day no it's not a prank it off the fact of the matter is a border go to really bad voters guide statement on a on a bad day and just resigned for the school board because of a lack of time it include phrases like i'm not really sure i want this job and i sincerely battle have enough time to be an effective representative of your concerns michael preston komo news komo aaa traffic we're still working on a crash horta on highway 18 inc covington is to sell clive sixteen 25 168 kanupp life diamond growth looks like was done travis get more effective thin eastbound traffic at this time due to that maybe you're only block brought macedon any issues on i five horrify bula can clear and to end is well no issues on the valley freeway fulfilling with is a clear of just davis koa news paul teich traffic and weather updates weekday morning be listening for more stories in interviews to help you make sense at kobo morning news with.

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