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Her cardio was off the charts as well. So i was very very impressed. Maybe the time off was better for her. She's had two kids said She's in a different relationship. And she has different coaches. If you'll recall. Robert also coats when she run so good on her. You know and right away. I think holly home she wants to run it on. They can get it and then she's respectively musicians very nice She says she wants to make a title. Run out of this. This weapon like well. Let's see how this feels. She's been program from the beginning. I wanna make a tidal run. You know and so this is a She bought a veteran. she won. she got the finish. Let's see what's next the nice thing about a home fight is even if she loses. But it's a great fight line. You know that could just be a big a big fun rivalry. i guess. I don't know. I don't think you want to get to a man in his just yet. You wanna capture before she retires. If you really wanna win firmer. And i don't think she has too many bytes left at the same time i think to see probably these one. Maybe two more fights before noon as an continuous improve. 'cause you gotta be perfect against nunez. Yeah i mean if you're being smart about the whole situation you've got to see how much time amanda has here and she keeps saying that there's not that much time left right so she if you're tate i think you just take one fight at a time and you really Because you have to remember at some point in your career in your life you either didn't have a love for the sport or it was too much for you or you felt like you couldn't do it anymore. Those types of things don't completely go away. You know maybe one or maybe two of those problems get solved. So you have to really. You can't look too far ahead. You have to go fight by fight and just pick. What makes the most sense for you at the time. And i think to me i think like the rematch with holly home is is almost as big for her As it is for. Holly hollywood wants it so i would kind of make that my first goal and then if i can get past her then i think you start thinking about other stuff but i. I really don't think she should be looking at our ahead. Just have fun i think. That's what's really gotten hurt where she is right now. She seems more pleasant. Seems like she's having fun doing what she's doing. Allergist build off of that momentum. But i wouldn't go too. Far dollars. Agreed tastes gomersall defeated. Jeremy stevens was the featured bout at ended in the first round submitted on via kamara Is kids from poland. Go that he's nineteen one and one Future definitely looks promising for him Stephen says he's gonna rebuild and comeback but he's lost five in a row will see You know he's fought thirty sometimes in the afc. I i i don't think he'll get another fire. Or what's your. What's your opinion. yeah. I don't know man i feel like i've gone back and forth on this. I feel like right now because we have by. You know still even with a little. We're starting to get out of the woods with cove it but it still has a presence. I think just having fighters that are always ready to go. It's kind of an asset. And that's what you have with jeremy stevens right. He's one of those guys that he doesn't strike me as a gut says well. I need three months to prepare. I need a proper training camp. I think there's a guy says worst signed him ready to bang. Let's do this. You know. And i think there's some value to that so if you look at as placement on the card to you know i think the ufc likes. He's had some hiccups here and there not not just In the cage. But outside the cage but i honestly could see them giving him one more so i think he will get one more. We'll see report rivera. He defeated dustin. Stoltzfus this was a third round rear naked job for him. So good on him definitely looks like he's shoring up is bill Defeated gabriel benitez. Tko in round three. So we have three three rounds three around stoppages. Those are rare by the way third round. Stoppages will be at three of those. The whole main card at stoppages to subs and three. Sorry three subs in to cao's so that part made it nice. In terms of closing the event. Daniel rodriguez defeated preston. Parsons i said. I think i mentioned these already. Amanda they must defeated munster. Ramiz sergei John malcolm gordon defeated francis figueredo android bigger not cemented allen. Little yet finishes there as well. I think we had eight ten finishes. So that's coo- maybe that's why they feel slow at times because when you get some of these finishes the other fighters are necessarily ready to go. And sometimes there's at filling time where you're like come on already you know. Sometimes that is people off to the bonuses went to billy gordillo versus gabriel benitez michel Rebuttal beira Matches gumral and audrey going on acid mental got performances of the night so let's bonuses here on look at the right information. This was at the apex so no gate. Now crowd figures were now. You know what a i'd back and forth on is sometimes when you'll see like a really deep card you get excited because you just get more fights but there are times where you get one of these cars has like ten fights or something and actually kinda like it The commitment that is required edible..

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