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Chuck these he's a political analyst and a former mayor Vince gray campaign manager in front of the show. Chuck good morning. Great. Great to have you back Morrison the mall. Hey, good morning. Look, Vince, it's important to understand the New York Post cover a long time ago. Of course, New York had the I love New York slogan, and they get upset with Jinja for the Virginia is lovers. So, you know, payback sometimes take a generation. But there it is sure. Yeah. They finally got a chance they will Virginia's giving them more than enough opportunities in the last week and shocking. We've we've seen Justin Fairfax as we I saw governor Ralph northern of course, being under attack for his abortion views, then somebody who was apparently angry about all of this releases a photo of him from his yearbook in nineteen Eighty-four supposedly either in black face or a K K K outfit and subsequently the conversation. Then turns to man, Justin. Fairfax Lieutenant governor. He's going to become governor if Ralph northern leaves, but then within minutes, then you've got Fairfax under a scandal of his own these accusations that he sexually assaulted a woman in two thousand four the belief including by Justin Fairfax at the time. Was that northern may have been behind that research getting out in public? What do you make of all the behind the scenes action here? Well, what we have is a dumpster fire that's turned into a circular firing squad. And and. The allegations. And accusations about who is leaking what have just added to the this, scandalous and tumultuous environment. Now, interestingly I heard early Tuesday morning in talking to some Democratic Party officials in Virginia that it was actually herrings people that were behind the leaks and pushing this smears on Fairfax now whether or not that's true. I don't know. But it does make some sense because a herrings known all along that he wore black face and that eventually he would have to reveal this and better himself. Then have it revealed by third party? Of course. So what's in his best interest in his best, interest mutual assured destruction if everyone looks bad, no one has to go. So there's a lot going on. There's a there's a real soap opera going on in Richmond right now and who's guilty of what? Is obvious. We have two people who were guilty of wearing black face one. Who may have worn a hood and one who clearly isn't capable of being governor because of the way that he handled his press conference, and then you have a third in Fairfax who lives in titled to due process. Let's not get out ahead of the process here, but he certainly into sticky wicket and as of last night again talking to Democratic Party officials in Virginia. It's believed that there may be other allegations of sexual harassment or worse sexual assault allegations to come out. So, you know, this this drama has no, of course, let me place the emphasis on what you just said. Which is you have been speaking to Democratic Party officials in Virginia who believe that another shoe going to drop on Justin. Fairfax another allegation of assault or harassment doesn't involve the same woman or another woman that I don't know. And and again, none of this is is substantive in that there have been no names that have been no dates there have been no places. But what leads these people to believe that Chuck why is this just a rumor or or a reporters digging what's going on? Well, I got this from a Democratic Party official interestingly in Loudon county, which is of course, herrings home base. And and it's just something that's being discussed down. There were people who were aware of the allegation from miss Tyson against Fairfax before all of this broke. Obviously the story had been previously vetted by the Washington Post, and for whatever reason they decided not to run it. Yeah. So this isn't this isn't a secret. It's just something that hasn't been discussed publicly. And and my sense is that the other allegations fit into that same category. See I don't understand though, how no one goes because both both northern in inhering have committed the ultimate sin. The worst crime await man can commit and that is the sin of racism and the Democrats have set that bar. So I don't understand how they can can survive because of committing the utmost sin, and you've got Fairfax who unlike having all we'll get due process. But if he's tied up in in a in a try, you know. Some kind of hearing and and all that kind of thing like what they did to break Kavanagh, especially since they both hired the same lawyer. So we know how this is gonna play out. I don't see how he survives that Mary. I agree with you. In that the Democratic Party and Democratic Party officials have to hold themselves to the standards that they set if Norton was to serve Monday, excuse me Friday after a statement, certainly after acknowledging that he'd worn black face on Saturday, and that ridiculous press conference, which questions the man's ability. Not not not just a service to actually, you know, have cogency thoughts and make good decisions when he's under pressure all of that disqualifies him and again herring himself called on north into resign for the black face for the photo was the hood, so pairing by his own standards should resign. And again. Democratic Party should hold his own officials say the standards it sets Chucky. I mean, you made the point of minute ago, though, that Markarian wanted to make sure his scandal gets out there. Nobody has to go. But like how does herring, and I know you can't answer this. But just as you speculate on it. How does herring not realize as he's releasing a statement calling for the resignation of the governor? Then he has his own black face photo from a very similar situation. He wore black face to represent a music figure in his case. A rap artist he has this in his past yet. He calls for the resignation of north this is wild. Then this is a classic case of the pot. Calling kettle black, pardon the pun. But it is herring says north of needs to go for wearing black face. But says I don't need to go for wearing black face. It's absurd. This is theater of the absurd. And neither of these people are holding themselves to the standard set by their own party. They should go. And I tell you what if. They don't they're doing the Republican party of favor because eventually democratic candidates for president are going to have to come to Virginia and campaign. Yeah. And and the entire process inside Virginia will be tainted with scandal as it is to some degree. I it would be anyway. But if this continues if if either north or herring are in office every question every appearance, a democrat makes is going to include questions about these two. Individuals and wireless still serving forget twenty twenty two thousand nineteen is enough because you've got every legislative seat in the state up for reelection. And Democrats last thing they need his all three of their top representatives embroiled in scandal. Check these thanks very much. Really? Appreciate you, sir. Thanks, chuck. Take care. You're listening to.

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