Dershowitz, CNN, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


Our new time five PM Pacific specific specific Pacific our new time life liberty in love in one on one love in and Dershowitz for a full hour never happened before not for a heck of three minutes with thirteen get now a full discussion about the constitution impeachment subpoenas and by the way the allegations against him we'll spend time on that too I think you're gonna be blown away by the interview I really does so whatever you're doing please market down tell your friends and family yeah I wanna watch on CNN and MSNBC see nobody cares nobody cares and again I want to have an open invitation all those were running for president I'd states Democrats you're welcome to come on the program Nancy Pelosi you're welcome Adam Schiff you're welcome Nadler you're welcome hello Sir show me you're welcome yes this wall well I only one around me you know the guys gashes I don't want him **** up my studio Mr bidders for my chairs and everything Jim Cramer is a financial analyst on CNBC when this report came out the numbers on on employment it's not even a plan at some point job creation seven million new jobs created under Donald Trump insult less than three years less than three years the best economy when it comes to jobs American jobs in over half a century how do you dismiss this how do you play this down and yet that's what they're doing instead it's constant impeachment impeachment abuse of you this is third intention this is what the left does well the economic analysts climate change we're gonna talk about climate change I am challenging Chuck Todd to come on my show let's have a discussion about climate change Nancy Pelosi they only know climate change is they don't know how to describe it I'm more than happy to discuss I've written two books for I dress climate change but I actually read the reports and listen to the experts not just a prop again all right Jim Cramer of CNBC this morning with Joe Kernen who the hell's Joe Kernen Mister but I don't even know who is Joe current of course is a colleague but I mean do we know anything about Joe Kernen I don't just another not so pretty face anyway either way on CNN he can't even say just another pretty face they all look NO may I say awful said a word I'm allowed the awful Jim Cramer cut twelve go a list of what cable companies cable C. N. N. M. as it were they cover the number six sixteen is you know.

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