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Emergency services in many communities in need and overwhelmed hospitals Fatima satur is with the international committee of the Red Cross in Addis Ababa and she joins us now Welcome Thanks for joining us Thank you Anthony Fatima give us a sense of what's happening in the north of the country How dire is the situation As you know the conflict in northern Ethiopia continues to evolve and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced Which has put a huge pressure on the region's healthcare system and most importantly on the medical staff Thankfully we managed yesterday to get our first flight which flew from others to Michael and tigray And we were able to deliver lifesaving medical supplies for the first time in many months So it sounds like there's an opportunity there to improve the situation for people on the ground right Of course and we're hoping that this flight is the first one of a series of flights And that we will be able to provide more and more medical assistance to air but also road Right Give us a sense of what life is like in the north in tigray just for normal people trying to get by And what the situation is like in these camps where there were displaced people are currently living The situation is worrying but not only in tigua and but also in Amara and afar and some people some families have been displaced not only once but twice sometimes And those are people who moved without anything but their clothes they arrive in urban areas So I worried for their kids also they would have to think about lifesaving activities where they don't have access to a job they don't have access to cash or communication sometimes they even lost contact with their families So yeah this is how the situation is looking like Father I'm reading as well that there are a lot of challenges especially for the ICRC doctors who have had to do things like replace disinfectant with salt to clean wounds Can you talk a little bit about how this war has had an impact on the healthcare system What are some of the challenges facing your team The healthcare system not only tigray also in America far in the north of Ethiopia has been severally impacted by the conflict and the colleagues who were in tigray who just came back from tigray They saw doctors using single use items like globes surgical materials and what they do they have to wash them and to reuse them And this obviously increased the risk of the patient to have complication to have infection so I mean at the same time when I think about the assistance that we were able to provide us today I can imagine that it's quite a big relief Absolutely And yet the situation sounds very very serious There have been talks of a national dialog between the tigrayan rebels and the central government I'm wondering when you talk to the people affected by this war what are they telling you What do they want to see happen What are they hoping for People just want to go back to normal They want their kids to go back to school They don't want to worry about what to eat in the evening or to prevent themselves from eating premiums per day because they don't have enough So this is what people are wishing for Understandable Fatima satur is with the international committee of the Red Cross she's based in Addis Ababa talking to us about the humanitarian crisis unfolding right now in northern Ethiopia Fatima thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us We appreciate it Thanks antoni And a story now about discovering a life through the physical objects left behind Harriet powers was a 19th century quilter from Georgia and she was a trailblazer in the African American tradition of story quilts Only two of her quilts remain One is housed at the Smithsonian and the other at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston which recently exhibited both pieces Harriet powers great great great granddaughter Elise minter visited from Baltimore to see her ancestors quilts shown together for the first time My name is Elise mentor I am a research librarian and a PhD candidate I'm also the great great great granddaughter of Harriet powers I knew the name Harriet powers in terms of how it related to my family tree And then one day I was just Googling different family names Trying to find someone else was researching And I came across this quilt that belonged to her She did a lot of what I assume is freehand Cutting a fabric into shapes and figures so there's people there's stars there's animals and she uses different fabrics for all of them so it's very much a colorful affair These are obviously public treasures but they're also like a piece of my family history And as black people we don't often get much faster So it's a little bit emotional and it's like this was my ass This is my great grandmother Jenny Smith who was a teacher in Athens Georgia discovered Harriet powers quilt when she came across her powers displaying her quill at the local con fare and this was in the late 1800s I believe And she noticed the quilt and it kind of stood out because most people were not making quotes like that at that time And she offered to buy it And she said Harry Potter sitting now And so some years passed I believe that that region fell on some hard times so Harriet powers allegedly came back to generate Smith and was like you know if you still wanna buy it I'm offering it for a sell now and she asked her for $10 And janae Smith said you know I can give you 5 That's what I can afford And so she sold it to Jenny Smith for $5 And that's how it ended up in the museum basically because when Jenny Smith died the executor of her estate I think had it for a little while and eventually it was donated to the Smithsonian.

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