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To tacked on after that Deport dave To be mentally healthy to work next episode here. Nicely done that was six sixty one from Barry. Bonds there that was on. Opening night he tied Willie Mays at opening day in, San Francisco and then the next night passed him opening night, fireworks nine of course Me passing Willie Mays that put him third all time on the home run list short, of of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron tremendous. Day out there on Saturday night people checking, in on the text, line two five says bonds is an all. Time greats, leave him out of. The hall would be a disgrace. For baseball as you would be a racing an entire. Era of baseball too good there that's from. Walter and the nine to five seven or. Seven says. We're talking Clayton Kershaw pitching around against giants. Says BUSTER sees Kershaw pretty well throw him, over at first. Base I'd imagine that's what will happen BUSTER in. His career I've got the numbers for you right here lifetime against curse at. Twenty five for one oh five. That's good for a two thirty eight average he has bested him a couple of. Times but you're right you wanna see BUSTER in, there at first base you also want to see, Nick Hundley and they're thirteen for, fifty three lifetime that's a to forty five average so I'd imagine you'll see him in. There plus helmet stick the ball pretty well yesterday. At triple drove in a. Couple of runs did a great job handling the kid, that said when BUSTER win a Bumgarner pitches you usually. See BUSTER buying The. Plate so. We'll see how the giants work this thing out today let's get to some of this sound because stuff from the weekend was, a lot of fun, and don't worry forty Niner fans we got stuff for you. Also Isaiah Thomas got into a little. Bit of hot, water Isaiah Thomas number two. The new Isaiah Thomas not not the original yet Dave wiping the sweat off his brow God Thomas is, in it again now this one got into. A little bit of hot water Dave talking, trash into social media, about the Cleveland fun stuff we'll get into. That in, just a minute but. I want to want to put. A bow on this Barry Bonds because I do think. It deserves our attention by the way also. Four away checks in on the text line. Asking why. Was why was flying Fred Lewis on the. Field for the bond ceremony if you didn't, get a chance. And Marty this is great you should check this. Out Cambier dot com mardi got a chance to sit and talk to you. Too Fred Lewis this weekend or. Or Friday afternoon in the dugout Fred Lewis if you remember. Outfielder for the giants. Came up probably the end of the bonds I, want to say five six seventy probably played with, giant so seven oh six to, nine somewhere in that range Wasn't decent player. Was kind of the air bonds in. Left field he was supposed to, be the. Left fielder remember he hit for the cycle on, mother's day with the pig sweat bands and the pink bat. In Colorado he was a decent player pretty good player and then his career just kind of came to an, anti, went and. Played in Japan for a. Little, bit I think was with the Blue Jays for a. While, but he found, out about this bond, ceremony and paid his own. Way to fly out to San Francisco. So he flew out to the. To the city decided he wanted to be at the ceremony. Somebody with the giants work on getting them a, field pass. So he was hanging around the team and, the funny thing was on Friday he was sort of the sort of the Belle of the ball everybody was excited the Fred Lewis. Was in town he's a guy who's not really around, the team anymore so I thought that was pretty cool you'd imagine Fred Lewis? Young African American ballplayer there just aren't tons, of them must. Have had some ties to bonds and and. I just thought it was cool that he felt like he. Wanted to be here in paid his own way you gotta respect that. Day I really do I like that I was, just looking at up here Fred. Was a giant for four, years he go bad to seventy, seven batting. Average, I'll take a two seventy seven hitting He was a guy who. Was one of those guys who like he. Was out of options and then may maybe teams just didn't want, to take a chance on a fourth outfielder. Who you'd have to pay a little bit. Of money but that was just kind of like maybe they went with with guys who wanted to they wanted, to try, to work is out left field or I'm, just not sure why he never got a contract in two thousand I think he's last year with the. Team was owned nine in two thousand ten they just didn't have a roster spot for me, county got off the team just because they were they were. Out of space and then you might. Have used them you could Houston probably. Down the stretch wherever they went and got Jose and of course. Cody Ross and. The rest of history I'd say. Two thousand ten worked out pretty good seven or sentences. Fred Lewis was solid for a minute. Yeah he was he, was he was a solid player on on some bad teams which I think creates a not a great a great group of memories surrounding him but Fred Lewis not about ballplayer at all to own is is bond. Is only love by giants. Fans the rest. Of the nation. Can't stand him but that this was. About giants fans that's what retiring a. Number is four you're not retiring, in baseball. Why that's where the hall of fame Comes into play why the, rest of the nation has not put him, in the hall of fame but for. The giants to, say if he's not going in that we're gonna take care of it I'm on board. With that so let's get to some of, this year Dave the Willie Mae stuff. Pretty incredible stuff Willie Mays grabs the. Mic on Saturday and wants. To? Stand up and speak for himself And he tells the. Story about how he just sorta sort of took very under his wing and and bonds used to hit him when. He was a kid and say hey let's go hit I wanna go hit I wanna go hit I want you to teach me I wanna watch. You and Willie Mays made a. Comment that I think all of. Us should pay attention to he said, I taught berry to be proud I've taught him to. Be a proud man and mardi LA had Eric Davis berries friends pretty cool thing on. Saturday and he spoke with us about how he knew from young age. That berry wanted to be the greatest of all time from a very. Young age this was a goal, of his I, want to be the best he not only have the natural ability but he had, the drive and determination to do, so Willie Mays kind of talks about that tells the story about. When he was a kid. Somebody told me that bonds get hit the. Ball. Further than he could I didn't know. That he.

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