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Not sure if you saw the Google spreadsheets demo where they have a similar example where you can essentially ask a spreadsheet of data question it all synthesized and give you a response back. Do you foresee the valuation of firms diminishing down due diligence to ongoing Kovac crisis. If yes, you see and recommend this to be the right time the eat deals if you exclude companies in financial trouble. The first question is who wants to sell their company in the cold with crisis if they are financially viable, so it's not a market out there. We can say Oh No Doubt With this strategy is can easily buy cheap companies if they don't want to sell you because they want to buy evaluation and you have a tough time to cherry-pick very good companies were very low price again, unless they are in financial trouble and you come in as a savior. It really depends on the specific market for Target companies that you're looking at even if the valuations quote unquote in theory will go down cause all the projections Etc might be not very good with three crisis numbers off. It's really I think still a tough Market Because by the founder you don't want to sell if the market is down maybe see more companies using automation during the covid-19 shut down or has it slowed down prices no matter if it's Financial or health or others is always creating pressure for companies to increase productivity to lower coughing. And it usually leads to an increase in Automation. And that's also what we see today from an sap point of view as a p has always been sailing through Christ is you know, very healthy manner because crisis creates need for more automation. There's no question about it. I would agree with I think that's what I've heard quite a few times. I wonder what your thoughts are in a meeting your m&a process and how you may be able to do trending across multiple Acquisitions. So they are tools out there. If you look at for example companies like mid-month or others that basically provide you with portfolio management and overview of potential careers and different cases and also an Athletics across different fields that will be done that are in due diligence and our integration to have like an end to Process Management tool. They will be a lot of opportunity wage. Is to compare different companies different integration projects different swim Lanes in the pre deal faces for the selecting different companies. I think that is all the way out there. I haven't looked at very detailed what exactly is there, but I've seen some glimpses of Frosty across process analytics that it used to know, are improve things that you're doing in different views last question doctor Carl. What is the craziest thing you've seen in m&a? Yeah. I think one of the craziest thing is what I call a cascading Integrations to basically acquire a company who has acquired another five to ten companies and you want to integrate the company, but what happened in the past the other thing companies were in integrating so you may have to integrate eleven companies instead of one so that certainly the huge challenge to integrate a lot more companies entities operations than wage. 4C before you jump into two Villages that tends to lead a pretty big mess. The girl. I really appreciate your time today in this conversation may be coming out you want to sort of add a little color or where people can learn more about it. Very simple go to my website of the call Pop. And there will be information about this great job. Thank you very much. Thank you for taking the time to explore the world of m&a with our podcast off. Please subscribe for more content and conversations with industry leaders. If you like our podcast, please support us by leaving a 5-star review and sharing it. I enjoy hearing feedback and connecting with our listeners home. You can reach me by my email. It's kissan k i s o n at deal room.

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