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And had like that seventies vibe and then the other part was some weird so the quote is you need to fix that it's like Farrah Fawcett on math okay I said it's like Farrah Fawcett faces of math you know what you said a website of math okay well that makes a better I should've said hair because your face looks beautiful out but the hair was really look like it was having an argument nine twenty with itself him on February which you wouldn't time stamped on white make what are some of the other ones you have any other ones I think there are written in an electronic one that we could share them as like our own unique love language that we yeah that sounds graying already happy Valentine's day everybody the favorite the best TV couples of all time if I say what television couple on a on a show a sitcom a drama that you watched in track along with which one was the best of all time well I love the heat is an RG I just do Donna what are they and number five a really Leary is amazing all my god they needed that makes me so happy this list got put together by the rapid dot com they have a full list of the forty seven best TV couples okay my can care okay minute fifteen from the Brady bunch okay absolutely kind of low on the list I think it fourteen Sam and Diane on cheers willow no it's a little low I found the list by the way I don't even know the the the the the three large haven't watched the show from parks and racket thirteen April in handy yeah yeah yeah that's that's what's his face Chris Pratt yeah and the other gal yeah yeah funny they're very funny Mitch and cam from modern family yeah their queue ha ha Cory and Topanga from boy meets world right hit me with that boy meets world intro brought it's were the wrong one man what do you pull it up well he didn't want to is being defined okay.

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