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When the second on the bounce behind a salmon run on double all of a sudden pulley regicide or up to fourteen. Yes. Salomon run dump born again, inspired. Various I by yet. Lynn storm down the flying a fine. American pullback to serve the Venezuelan who double thanks to a thumping. Don't of a header boomers drag themselves back into it in that alone. Green then managed to Mississippi. So back to back defeats for bomber and back about winds for Newcastle. Wilco Matt Davey. Okay. How does one West Ham won the terrier stay nineteen after a seventy minute goal from the band? Canceled out Alex, crickets, six minute long range roller. These these points. We didn't expect to see how to get. Yeah. And I think the home funds said it was a goalie didn't expect either the first one they've seen by ahead. This field player on the home turf. For seven hundred twenty six long minutes. I'll purchase again, David another unexpected result card of city to Brighton. One roach. Ben, uncle broilers figuratively and occasionally literally city win behind a ninetieth minute soul. Bamba when Neil Warnock side now on eight points with Crystal Palace and Southampton but still in the relegation zone on goal difference. I love Neil Warnock's comments post game after his team posted their second wind. He told the interviewer the chairman's going to be looking for your now to it's the interviewer ost with you to which wore not replied, no.

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