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And as a matter of fact, I'm going up there with some folks to see it tonight. BT stage. Also, go online to be the stage dot com. So we're talking about they shall not grow old Christian TOTO here, also Dave lower. We've got another member of the Mike Rosen movie club who's seen it. And that's Ted. What do you think of they show them grow old? Well, I guess I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it. It's not the sort of feeling you walk out as well. It was really fun film to watch it. Yeah. It was. Nominal work of art by Peter Jackson. And and. You know, you you you guys have made most of all my points. I check them off as you're. The the the downside downtown going to last. But a couple of things I'll say as you know, it seems that this was a. The labor of love for Peter Jackson. I don't think he anticipate making any money on this. And I highly recommend for anybody who hasn't seen the movie to stay for the after feature afterwards, the thirty minutes where he talks about how they they actually created this film. I don't think they expected this to have the cultural impact that it has had because you know, giving it to fathom events. No, insulted them it it's sort of a different approach. I think is could have been like in New York and LA they could've platform did getting all the great buzz the word of mouth the critically critical hails. I think it could have built from that. But they went this approach and you're right. Maybe Peter Jackson. Maybe he didn't even want that. Maybe he thought this was a more pure way to to let it into theaters. And I think that's going to hurt from a box office and Oscar point of view. But I think it's still says nothing will stop the film from impacting us and expect this to be on Amazon or net flicks later on. Oh, yeah. I'm sure it'll go there eventually and home. That's how tens of millions of people can see it. Yeah. Yeah. And you listen he may have said I don't even care how it gets out there. It will eventually hit the funnel and go to home video and be available. And then then then I know that my vision will be out there. And I do agree. I I thought the Lord of the rings was a phenomenal series. But I thought the hobbit was not nearly as good, and I think is I as a filmmaker he's been getting worse instead of better. But this seems like a real return to form, and I'm kind of curious to see what he does next including a Beatles project, but she's been tapped to. In the film. Speaking more, I guess geopolitically about about World War One and the whole twentieth century and it. No. Although World War Two is fairly straightforward. We're fighting Nazism. You'll why are we fighting was it was easy question to answer. But World War One a lot murkier. It just seemed like a war that shouldn't have happened in just one event with other and it happened. But it also it seems that will we're one led to a lot of the lane your carnage in in in the twentieth century as Mike alluded this earlier that the armistice paved the way for Hitler to come to power. And also the Russian revolution. There's you know that that. The the. Backdrop of World War. One could've probably did have an effect on the run. The fact the Russian revolution happened. So you look at stolen Hitler and even Mallon Pol Pot. All the carnage that happened as a result of Marxism, and Nazism and kind of wonder is hat will were one bit avoided all this other with all these other world events have happened nine century after the Bolshevik revolution in nineteen seventeen. With Lenin in charge that the Russian just walked away from the first World War. And was it a part of the genius. This is that none of that is really talked about. This is not political. This is not about history. It is about their experiences in the trenches. And I think that that hyperfocused is one of the reasons why it's so magical. As as you mentioned earlier the soldiers were were talking about how when they captured Germans they got along. Really well, and they were they're talking about. Why are we fighting? We shouldn't be fighting each other. And and the what struck me about the description early in the film when they're talking about going to war, and you know, is that. It was a much less cynical generation than we have today where you'll the government said, okay? We we're going to go off to war, and and everybody signs up until okay? We'll just do what we're told. Whereas, obviously, we live in a much much different culture. Give us a rating on the movie using a unit of measure that has something to do with the movie on a scale of one to five ten. Dave the behind alluded earlier, but I I'll give it a four and a half out of five bad teeth. Okay. And what do we have for dead? We have passes the Alamo draft cinema two locations when sloan's lake when the little tin in third coming this summer in Westminster. So look for that. And of course, no texting no talking. It's one of the great things about the Alamo draft has experienced and they've got fun stuff and this one sold out. But it's what I mentioned is going give you teaser. What kinds of fun events are happening at the Alamo. They've got a Shaun of the dead beer dinner night. It's happening next week. It is sold out. You can't go to it. But it's just part of the kind of the festive spirit that they have at the Alamo. There's always something kind of cool and interesting happening. Actress town screenwriters directors different beer nights. It's always something new with the alma. Okay. Ted. Thanks again. Talk to you again in the future. David any last comments on this one last comment, you'll find a resemblance to the wizard of Oz? And one aspect the first fifteen minutes of the film are in black and white silent scratchy film, the last fifteen minutes are silence, scratchy film, the hour that sandwiches inbetween, his all glorious, smooth color. Yeah. It's funny. I grew up in the eighties, and they were colorizing films back then, but they were doing it very quickly, very cheaply. And it almost always looked terrible. This is not that colorization this rather beautiful. I don't think it ever jumped out of me or I thought oh that looks cheaper looks inauthentic. It looked real. And that's just part of magic here. I wonder now that it's in general distribution of mass distribution. Whether all the theaters are going to be showing it in three D or some. We'll be showing it in two d I think they do both. I saw it in two d recently. It is available in three d did you interview in three d by shot in three? Okay. No. I don't think any of us. Here are big fans of three day. But what was your? Well, I've seen three d where the difference is more dramatic than two d and I haven't seen it in two D. So I can't compare. But when you took the glasses off, I think it's a little more marginally more powerful and three D than as long as you. See it. See it in three D. Yeah. Okay. And by the way, the way would you like to buy the three D glasses? They gave me I s from back in seventy five cents or. I have four pairs. By the way, the movies made tiling million at the box office overall made about two point four last week in its first weekend of wide release. So that's for a documentary. That's excellent. And I think it's gonna keep on climbing. If someone out there sees a lot of three movies, maybe they get three D contact lenses and see the whole world in three d if all the time. Things are actually on that. Rating. Yeah. Let's let's write it. I'm going to give it five. And in this case. How can I not give it five out of five? It's it's one of a kind five endless artillery barrages. I'm gonna give it four and a half logs. I'm gonna give it five out of five badly needed dental appointments. Good. All right. Let's take a break. We'll tease what men want this movie? We're gonna reviewed next week that.

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