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This is the easiest way shaver. Okay hold on you wait a minute you have. This is a topic. No i said. I won't say the answer but they didn't get past. I'd said the blank. This place is shopping. Carts are the cadillac of shopping. Guards did you ever make it to error. Okay i gonna guess what. Chris is going to say go ahead. I have a feeling. I know because i mean there's one right answer long as it does. Add those automatic lock. It's targets he's gonna say targeted target. I mean that's it. I do love a good costco one. Because they're so why. Do like the wide-body costco never been targets. Baskets light the fried. We're on fiqh illing. If you if you if you wanna do some damage with it you could s moves move had have you never been to cosco cosco. Never been like a costco. Bj's sam clubs like a big club. I think maybe. When i was like young i may be was in one but greg public's they're not you're missing out you know. Is it a scam over effort that you waste by so most people know you end up wasting their wasting it produce. You don't do from higher and thing a ham at the same time. There's nothing you either get that at walmart. Maybe depending on the size of walmart and they sell you like your lunch for like sixty five cents. Everything you want fresh pizza. The pizza soga the hog. Ota yes hot dog for a dollar and the hot like this big I've heard groupon has good stuff for that. Like you can get your first year of one of those places for like twenty five bucks on groupon expensive though what's like a full year. That's a good question. I don't know if it does group on doing by the way they still kicking on groupon really went on a nosedive after like twenty thirteen. Feel like my mom. Single keeps groupon and business. She always just like she makes it rain. When you come out and be like like what are you wanna let me see filed through a bunch of like. She has just opened up the groupon app at the first thing when i popped up and it says trending sam's club sixty six percent of twenty five bucks for the year. Wow right open monday to me yesterday. Right on the money. Even though sam's club we can agree as kind of the lesser tier said. I'm just saying. I think it's costco. Bj's and than anything back to group most things right. Yes absolutely absolutely but they cash value like you always get that twenty five dollars. You spent on it back. Because i do. Restaurants pay twenty-five for sixty dollars worth of food and then even if it expires. You still get that cash value. Basically what i'm saying is is like unless you know of a place on groupon. Andy know it to be good. If you're trying a place that you found none group on it probably sucks. Wow agri cheese over here. Every time i go to change my oil i go to groupon jiffy lube. They have the best deals on changing oils and work for for autoparts. Yeah every single time for some reason. There's a lot of skydiving. I wouldn't trust my life to a group on get skydiving outta my life just in general just like anything worse. I if you said to me. What's the last thing you'd wanna do on the saturday afternoon. It skydiving really. They do think there's no. I don't want to almost die today. No i know i drive. I know he's looking at right now. You know it's probably more dangerous driving to the dr driving to this guy having more dangerous than skydiving. It doesn't feel more dangerous though. Yeah that's important factor for me how dangerous it feels. I mean look you are. You're jumping out of an airplane and only only a contraption is to stop you from dying contract. yes and some guys. Like velcro domain reliant. Correct bill crude. Just the word wilder right now. A scroll down a little bit. Hgh factor natural muscle building enhancer. Like wow just straight a. g. h. looks like a group on now twenty bucks. Didn't they sell you that that one time with that concrete thing that you are taking dow is even though it's another place. Cv diaz seems to be big on. You've never heard the story of billy eating concrete remote it wasn't actual concrete but it might as well have been concrete is i. It was it was a protein shake that was for someone that was meant to wait like three hundred pounds and it almost killed me. And it'd be stern my kidneys from what i hear wasn't the best. I don't feel like we're a skydiving. Show looking around the zoom in this room. I feel like there's two people. And mike's one of these not even here filling skydiving once indoor ads in defense safe now. It's not skydiving. Jump out of a tony and my greiner. The only two people on this show. That go skydiving. Y'all gonna have fun. I'd give it a go really right when he's when he's on all right nice. Mike would go skydiving really. I could see my add-ons he mike skydiving. I mean witty. All right so i was was right about you. Yeah remember i told you i was. Let's let's go skydiving ideal. You graduate from wanting to skydive when you have kids..

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