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We've lost rodney we have mary in johnson city tennessee however hello mary hi i'm back we don't want to say a cold what i wanted to say is from my understanding between the age of sixteen and eighteen th there's more deaths in car accidents and there are eighteen and above i believe that i believe that's a driver's license should be issued at eighteen sixteen and i believe everything else should be twenty one and the reason for that is because the brain wisdom part of the brain does not develop until twenty five or twenty six so they'll have a few more years of wisdom and the brain everything general you're probably you're probably correct and of course there again there's no hard and fast firm guideline but you're right as a group younger people tend to have less in the way of maturity wisdom call it what you will that's certainly true in terms of of let's say young people who are not academically inclined and let's say they they have a family to support and they're seventeen years old and that they only thing they know how to do is drive a truck would you deny them the right to drive a truck or would you push them into some other direction like maybe possibly an illegal one i'm just curious there are always exceptions to any rule how would you deal with someone who let's say legitimately wished to and had a good record of driving and they take a bus take take a bus line of work just to repeat my question what their line of work was with truck driving.

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