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Welcome back with us the vice chair of the congressional progressive caucus and representing of course the seventeenth district of california on the line taking your calls for the hour and nncholas in san cristobal mexico watching us on youtube nncholas you're on the air with congressman connor term how are you barely i hope i'm not jumping the line in the con the topic here you asked me last week call you back after the election so here i am so let's nncholas let's if you could call back in the next hour after after greg palace can we have this conversation you might wanna put me on hold but calling back would be better yeah just give us a call back next hour okay because because this is just calls for the congressman nicholas's american is very very well tuned into the mexican political situation and i asked him to anyhow guy and apple valley california you're on the air with congressman roca can you hear me okay just fine i'd like you to preface by comment real quickly i maybe naively believed that most members of congress are elected and intend to do the best job they can my comment is i think congress is absolutely worthless at this point i think we have no chance of congress representing the people that elect them until we can have full campaign finance reform and don't we can have reasonable redistricting intel that happens i don't think any laws that are passed the damn congressman i generally agree that we need major campaign finance reform i started a nope pack caucus where there's seven of us right now don't take packer lobbyists money where they're going to be more were running across this country on that platform so there's some change i think the rush fine golden i have a proposal called democracy dollars which would say that every citizen should get fifty dollars to spend on elections the house the senate or the president and that should replace the private money so you need something i think that dramatic to get the special interest money out the only thing i say is we we can't be that cynical that nothing can get done until we get the ball change i mean we have had progress more people are on medicare for all today i mean all the majority of the house caucus when bernie sanders started his campaign there were probably two or three four people on that so there is a growing consensus for progressive politics and if we win the house i expect that we will be able to pass some of those at least through the house and ultimately when we get the president to help make them law has there been any discussion at all about campaign finance reform legislation that includes court stripping provision in over in invoking article three section two of the constitution that says that congress can create exceptions to review by the supreme court i think the last time this happened was one of tom daschle farm bills that had a sentence in it the said this legislation is not subject to review by the supreme court interesting i i'm not aware of that i will look into that i did not to my knowledge i mean it certainly isn't in the sarbanes bill that's our main campaign finance mellon it's not in the finals or my proposal we we've tried to actually work around this court and say how can we be constitutional under citizens united but if there's a way to avoid court reveal that's worth looking into yeah it's it's right here in the constitution i'll read it see this article three section two paragraph two they define that you know what the supreme court can do and they start out by saying you know embassador public in battles between the states and then they say in all other cases before mentioned the supreme court you'll have appellate jurisdiction both as to law in fact with such exceptions and exceptions has capitalized and under such regulations and regulations is capitalized as the congress shall make and in federal seventy eight hamilton goes and in eighty eightyone also hamilton goes off on long rants about how the supreme court will never successfully challenge congress and things like that i think we just missed our break here congressman we'll be back with with we'll be back with more of okada in just moment smedley butler general butler in nineteen thirty five when he wrote this book had just retired from the us marine corps as the most decorated or one.

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