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You know that you could possibly even conceive of, and people involved in women's athletics are just chomping at the bit to try and put this down. Your your comments on any of this? Yeah, This is probably that this is the number one issue I hear about from parents. I have a group of what I call my soccer mom focus groups across the country their you know, dozens of women that I touched base with and get their polling views on. This is the number one issue that parents are concerned about, and fathers. They're concerned about it to the locker room stuff and also the competition against these young girls. These girls have trained for years, many of them since grade school in the things like cross country track. Yes, absolutely. A softball. You name it swimming, you name it. They are competing so that they can go to college and get an education. This really goes against title nine and everything that the Democrats claim. They stood for for so many years, and it also Bill goes really against the whole feminist movement for the last 40 years, And one of my passions in life is breaking down the feminist movement because they don't stand for women in a way that they claim they do. They stand for the furthest liberal wing of the Democratic Party. And they're proving it with this that they don't care about young girls. They don't care about scholarships and college for young girls as they claim they have for 40 years. This is a real travesty, and I'm telling you, this could be a really big issue in the midterms and 2022 that could help Republicans went back to the house. I have a conversation coming up with new journey Pack spokesperson AJ Swinson. I don't know if you're familiar with New Jersey Pakorn or not, but they are A group of black conservatives. Who are trying to Push the needle in the black community more towards Republican and conservative issues and candidates. And also there's in the discussions I've had in the past with people like Autry Pruitt, who is the head of new journey packed again. I don't know if you're familiar with him or not. But you know, the conversation is partly that Republicans have not effectively reached out to the black communities. They've almost just You know, it's a foregone conclusion. They're going to vote Democrat, especially in urban areas. So why even bother? Donald Trump changed that somewhat in he did 2020 even I mean, there were more blackmails voting for Donald Trump than there were certainly for Mitt Romney or John McCain or, you know You know it was it was up in past George W. Bush levels of black voters voting for Donald Trump. It wasn't enough. But the fear is that Republican candidates are going to lose in, you know, normally, red State strongholds, you know, Like, Like, like what you saw in Georgia. Just speak to that for a few minutes of you. Yeah, This is a huge issue. Look, if you look at the President Trump's approval rating with black Americans, it was phenomenal. He got elected on Lee with about 9%, but it was the highest any GOP president had gotten in the last You know, five election cycles, maybe ever. But look within 18 months, Donald Trump jumped 17 support of African Americans. Then he went to 28%. Then he went to 36%. African Americans support That's four times any of the previous presidents had. Here's why they had to run. The black lives matter. The big riots last summer they knew Donald Trump was running away with the Black Americans vote, and they hadn't stopped him. That's the only way they could stop him. They teamed up with the limb and antifa and they Islands. Americans interfere. That's exactly what happened. I saw that long game coming from a mile away. That's exactly what they did. But Donald Trump on his own merits did a phenomenal job with them. And again, it's because he spoke directly with them. He did historic things he funded historically black universities something Barack Obama didn't even do. I mean, he was a man of his word in terms of jobs and getting everybody in a job. You wanted one in the United States of America. I agree wholeheartedly, just real quickly as we conclude Jennifer Currents host of all American radio, with Jennifer Currents all your time in California. Have you ever seen it as a politically muddled as with Gavin Newsom and what's going on with the recall effort in California? Because of the hypocrisy and the total mismanagement of the state of California? It's not. It wouldn't be the first time a governor of California has been recalled. But I think this one Is definitely do if the state's going to be saved. Yeah, This is one to watch. We have a special section on my new site all american news dot com on just the California recall. I think it is the number one maybe number two story of the year. Other advising getting at the White House. But look, Gavin Newsom is very concerned about this. His advisers reportedly a very concerned and he should be. I actually got into politics during the 2003 recall against Governor Gray Davis. Days out. There can change on a dime. They are going to have the signatures to turn into recall Gavin Newsom in mid March. They might tournament a little bit early next few weeks there were watching. On Ben. Then the gates open. You could have, as you did in 2399 candidates. If you remember back then ran for governor. I don't think it's gonna be that much of a circus. But I think you're gonna see some really good, interesting games out there. Maybe Chris Pratt, the husband, Tonto. Katherine Schwarzenegger. I would love for him to run. Maybe Scott Deyo, Rick Grenell Way ever. Scott Bayo alert. Can you a man? Could you imagine Chachi for California? Hey, it could happen and But, hey, he's a conservative. It could happen. You also have other people. Rick Grenell is a great choice..

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