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You, of course and July 11th is not too far away. And I've seen some of the things you've written and watched some of the things on TV. Keep. There are a number of short stops and really quality players at the top of this draft, more so than the pitching, I think, And how do you see the first four or 56 of these selections going? I think you said it exactly right that there's this has turned out to be a better draft for high school players for high school hitters than for pictures. Then we expected the start of the year. All the talk was about the college pitching. That college pitching hasn't really held up and I think the first couple of picks you're going to hear names like Marcello Mayor Jordan Lawler and clear Watson, all three of whom are high school short stops in California, Texas, North Carolina, respectively. They're all going to go in the Well, we lost Keith. They're a little bit keep you there. Yeah, right right after going to call him back. I think the the shortstop's heard their names Bill last kids, but it's interesting what he says. And this is what I've seen on TV and we'll get Keith back with us. But the top four or five picks his short steps. All look like Carlos Correa. You know, I was looking at that this morning also, and you know you're talking about short stops in high school, Marcello Meyer. Is a short stop by the east like high school in Southern California. He is one of the top picks as a shortstop, and I want to talk about these two guys out of Vanderbilt. Of course rack are And a leader. Both those guys are their top right handed pitchers, and they've just been dominant the whole time, Especially Jack lighter. He was dominant in the World Series. I watched a lot of those games with Mississippi State. As well as Vanderbilt and boy, They got to some young arms, Marty with some flash to him, and I mean, those are the kind of arms that people like They want to see velocity, and they want to see if they can control what they have in top moments like the World Series. Keith Law is back, Keith, We lost you there for a second. As I said some of the shortstop's probably were offended. You didn't include them. What do you have to say? But you lost me. I was I was still talking. Apparently, Yeah, it happens. That's why we have live radio. But going back to the very first question that is We've built just mentioned a couple of the short stops now teams at the top. Are they rebuilding teams? Are they going to go for high school players or like Bill said, Do you want to Jack lighter or Kumara Rocker? Mhm. I think that Marcella mayor, the high school shortstop from Southern California, he's the most likely player to go first. Overall, That's Pittsburgh. These are a lot of rebuilding teams up top Pittsburgh picks First, Texas has had a horrible season in the major leagues, the second Detroit who's pretty far along in their rebuild where they've got some good young pitching in the big leagues now, Casey, my street school Bull. We've got a number of good hitting prospects in double a They're further along in the rebuild. That's the club up top. That wouldn't surprise me if they went for a college player. Just thinking not that they don't like these high school short stops, but thinking that those guys might take a lot longer to get there, whereas if you take a good college player if you take Jack lighter, which is the one college name I've heard them linked to a few times he's in the majors, probably in a year and a half, whereas it's kind of Marcella mayor is It could be four years before he's in the big leagues, or maybe before. He's good enough to be having an impact in the big leagues. And if you're Detroit, by that point, you already hoping to be getting to the playoffs, So maybe you'd rather even if you give up a little bit of feeling rather take a college player who, you know, impacts your club a good bit sooner. Keith. When you talk pitching, I watch the World Series, of course, Rocker at leader where amongst the the men compared to a lot of the other pitchers. But are those two guys your top pitchers? Because there's a lot of pictures when you start looking at Mississippi State that a couple real good arms on their team? Are these the two guys that really everybody's looking at? When you start looking at the top line, starting pitching I think they're the first to college pictures to be taken. I feel better about lighter going somewhere up top than rocker. There are some teams that are just concerned about rack are you saw in his that the winner take all last game of the season? Yeah. Rocker showed the stuff was there, but the field command poised, they weren't what you want them to be. And I think that's had teams a little bit scared just because of where we're talking about the very top of the draft. If he gets to the mess at 10 or the Nationals at 11, they're going to take Rocker and they're going to laugh all the way home, So it's not that he's not a prospect. The tunes are looking for very fine distinctions between players. The fact that lighter did pitch well in some very difficult situations. High stakes situations towards the end and rack are pitched not badly, necessarily, but less well less consistently. That could push him down. There really isn't another college picture right behind those guys and will Bednarz probably the one you're talking about pitch the last game. Mississippi State may be the best slider in the draft class. He's a first rounder. I don't think he gets up into the top 10 like the other guys. Mm. By Keith Law with us. You can read him in the athletic and he's going to have a lot to say this week and, of course next weekend. With the draft coming up Keith last year Torkelsson who was some ASU and want to carry Crowley, one of our compatriots, favorites went at the top as a hitter. What about hitters and some of the teams that at the top of the draft Looking for hitting. Where do you see some of the top hitters going? So this is the weakness of the draft. The college hitters are just not there and the guys who are likely to go high among college position. Players are going to go hide more because they are good hitters for their position, as opposed to a Torkelsson, who was maybe a first base in the long run, but he mashes and he is matching right now in Double A for Detroit. Think Henry Davis, Louisville catcher. He's the best college position player in this draft. He can really throw. I think he's good enough behind the plate and going to get a lot better. He's got great plate discipline and has shown quite a bit more power this year than anyone anticipated. You may also hear the name Matt McLean Here's a first rounder three years ago out of high school to Arizona. Two Diamondbacks but decided not to sign. He chose to go to UCLA and honestly, for two years. It looked like he'd made a bad choice. But he really had a breakout season as a junior for the Bruins. He played better defense than ever a shortstop. He was hitting for more average who's making more hard contact and did it against good competition..

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