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In businesses investing in their employees through higher wages and in higher growth and update from new york city authorities on the explosion today at the port authority bus terminal new york's mayor called it an attempted terrorist attack the 27yearold suspect was badly injured and three other minor injuries were reported such as headaches and ringing in the years here's nypd commissioner james o'neill play investigation at the scene indicates this man all is worrying and it provides motech explosive device attached to his body he intentionally detonated that device brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer newscom i'm jay hot that doug jones is too liberal for alabama jones will not protect your second amendment rights he has clearly stated he will vote to weaken gun ownership you will not vote to confirm president trump's appointment to the us supreme court joan support sanctuary cities in his against president trump's border wall you will not protect the unborn jones openly support abortion up to birther jones will fight president trump and our conservative agenda unassembled twelve american needs alabama with only a slim republican majority in the senate we can't send liberal democrat doug jones to washington one vote difference on the supreme court will forever weaken our second amendment rights to bear arms and remove protections to the unborn even planned parenthood has endorsed doug jones liberal dutch jones will block strong concerted injustices vote republican though conservative though who way more knock evora ride by even nor can it again he came out in republican party revise your by mona rolling out in everybody wants ex under sunny skies we've got a brief warm up this afternoon with a high close to fifty eight degrees so it will feel better later today mostly clear in the low near thirty seven four tonight a pretty strong cold front comes through early tuesday morning temperatures won't be quite as warm on tuesday they'll be some clouds around and it will be windy at times too high temperatures tomorrow only in the mid and upper 40s is this wvtm thirteen meteorologist stephanie walker with your forecast on this crawford broadcasting station.

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