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Radio 6 80. W. C. B and, by the way, Greg Abbot point yesterday from talking about the Texas Democrats, those who have fled his state So they can avoid having a quorum to vote on something that otherwise will certainly pass. To focus on some of the comments that are good president made yesterday. And, you know, ever contends now and I think he's probably right and that's it. Look, Biden has no idea what's actually in that law, or it doesn't care. Kamala Harris has no idea or it doesn't care. This is all it's all About politics. Anybody who went through Jim Crow would be angry, said the president of the United States equivocating what is going on in Texas with Jim Crow laws because that is the most offensive thing ever. Yeah, And we'll have a couple of those biting comments coming for you. And just a couple of seconds First the phones we go 410 Wcbm 6 80, Bob. Good morning. Thanks for hanging on. Good morning. How are you? Good. First off. I think if you want to vote, you should have to go to a building. Identify yourself and boat. That's it. None of this other crap. I think we were snookered on his election. Well, we can't prove it must live with it. Yep. Number two. What's important? Why do I think That when Bill Clinton was in office He passed a resolution and or a law that said, if you have a baby And we will give you welfare. But You have to go to a school of some sort and get an education and get a job to continue. If you have a second child, you automatically have to pay for that child and your benefits are gone. Then you look it up and see if that's true or not. But my memory failed me. It is at least partially true as my memory serves and looking it up while I'm Talking is gonna be kind of tough between 9 45, but I'll certainly check it out by tomorrow. That law was passed. However it excuse me that law was passed, it was overridden by Obama. Believe in his first term. What's that got to do with the law? The law is there what Obama got to do with it? When Obama became president, they they're Democrats brought up If I recall correctly, the Democrats brought up A veto proposal on that law because it may not have been the law Bob. It may have simply been a requirement built into the welfare program. So there's not specifically past not specifically passed by Congress. But it's simply a matter of the bureaucrats doing what what Clinton had told them to do. And this is part of the compromise that that he had with Newt Gingrich at the time. Okay. Alright. I'm sorry. I thought David it was a law, everybody just passing over that. Um I think a woman should have a right to abortion. It's not my business. It's none of your business, but I disagree, but okay, But I think we'll bob hold on second. Hold on if I may. We challenge you on that, Um, I think that during the first term Clearly there is a theoretical argument that one can make that a woman's body is a woman's body. Harvard you get to where there's a defendable heartbeat. Which is being around 20 weeks in or are there about it becomes very difficult to say It's just the woman's body. I agree with that. Alright, so so At that point, it does become a public interest. That she should or should not have an abortion. Of course, I think that any of the parts have come out should be used to help any child that is born that maybe even armor, leg or skin or whatever, instead of authority in the trash. I think that's ridiculous. Bob, Thanks for call. Prob. Thank you. Co appreciated for 10 wc me on 6 80. Toll free long distance. It's 1 800 wcbm 6 80. And this and Bill says, Remember story from Reader's Digest about 40 years ago, written by a woman thanking her deceased father. For putting her and her four sisters through college by digging graves for 40. Plus years there was a black man does the only job he could find in his southern city. He put all of his Children through college. And then died early death. Ultimately in saving them, he saved himself. Those kinds of stories of parents. Sacrificing tremendous things. For their Children. It is. Wonderful. Uh, it just is. Yeah, my make, says Miller Lite and Bruce. You say they didn't sacrifice a point, mate. Actually, I mean, you could. You could make a pretty fair point that if they're reduced to drinking Miller Lite Yeah, that's that's a sacrifice. I mean, that's you know, Texas and my son was stationed at Fort Hood down there for us. We had a chance to go visit him with his wife. Texas, just like Maryland. It has a lot. I mean a whole lot. Of local craft beers, and they are exceptionally good. Really? So you're going to prove you're willing to sacrifice for fellow Democrats by taking a case of Miller lite with you? Well, I guess that proves your dedications sacrifice indeed. Could be worse if you were taking real beer. Steve is on the Eastern Shore. Steve Good morning. Good morning. The most important thing that faces all of us today is the Dominion voting system has been corrupted. And when you do a deep search, you can see it's 22. Death to talk about on the phone right now. But anyway, when you see how it has been corrupted, it is corrupt Boss tweed, very corrupt political individual. He was told in front of the media, he said. Your system is corrupt and we will voted out of office and without a moment's hesitation, Boss Tweets said to him back to him. How can you vote us out of office when we count the votes? Yeah, well see, that's exactly the same. That's that's basically What the the Russians used to say in the old Soviet Union. They were, they would say. Basically, I don't care who votes I care who counts the votes, and that's where we've been reduced to as well. Thanks for calling. STI appreciated. 410 Wcbm 6 80 Donald's in Pasadena. Good morning, Donald. Good morning. My comment is regarding the word Americans, Vice President and other people are using the word Americans and to me, I translate that ass. Which Americans South Americans, Central Americans, North Americans or United States of America. Yeah. Where'd Americans just throw me off? Well, I think generically what she means is those people who live in the United States. Of course I do understand that. There are people in Canada and Mexico, uh and throughout South America, who have some questions? As to whether you know us using that term excludes all of them. They do live in North America or South America or Central America. No Well said Go ahead. My wife comes from Mexico. And she's always used the word. I'm I'm an American. Central America. Yeah. I mean to me, She's right. I think that's completely correct. Um and I think that politicians in this country use it. Because it's shorthand and it's shorthand for as Barack Obama would say all 57 states. So you know. Yeah. So that's that's what you have. But, you know, I think I think of nothing intended by that At the same time. I can't see that people in other countries. What's it? Wait a minute now. Are Canadians no longer Americans, they you know they're the ones the furthest north of the Americas. When it comes to voting. Which Americans are we talking about? Just illegal Americans or United States of America. I think the Republicans you're talking about people who are Legally able to vote in this country. I think Democrats are talking about those individuals who are willing to vote for them. Pretty straightforward, Donald, Thanks for your call Bruce Lee at here and now. With SRS News. I'm rich Thomason in Washington. Inflation continues to rage. Inflation at the wholesale level jumped 1% last month, pushing price gains over the past 12 months up by a record 7.3%. Back and forth over voting rights goes on Texas Governor Greg Abbott firing back at President Biden for his claim that Republican backed election reform legislation would make it harder for people to vote and would discriminate against minorities. Abbott says the bill would increase early voting opportunities while also combating mail in voting fraud. Drug overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the government estimate eclipse of 72,000 overdose deaths in 2019..

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