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Hello wonder media network. I'm jenny kaplan and this is will manteca today. We're talking about a teacher who forever changed the way. Educators work with students with disabilities. She's may be best known for her friendship and lifelong companionship with her student. Helen keller please welcome and sullivan. An was born kohana mansfield sullivan. On april fourteenth eighteen sixty six in feeding hills massachusetts. Her parents and thomas emigrated from ireland during the great famine and was one of five children but only she and her brother. Jimmy survived infancy even then. Both of the siblings had health struggles when she was five years old and contracted trachoma an eye disease. The damaged her site for the rest of her life. When an was eight years old her mother died of tuberculosis. And jimmy were left in the care of their father thomas. The situation lasted two years before thomas. An abusive alcoholic left the children at a home. For the poor called tewksbury almshouse he almshouse was dirty overcrowded and inhospitable for two young children. Jimmy died just a few months after arriving. The conditions of tewkesbury were so awful. The massachusetts board of state charities launched a series of investigations into the building and found out that the lead inspector was also the founder of a nearby school perkins school for the blind and asked to be transferred to perkins and in eighteen eighty she enrolled at perkins and found herself out of place. She was dedicated to her learning. But she had a short temper and little schooling. Compared to her classmates she also underwent multiple is surgeries to improve her vision. None of which ceded still she excelled and graduated from perkins as valedictorian. She developed a friendship with the school's director. Who helped her find a job. After graduation he had heard of a family looking for a governess for their six year old daughter who's deaf and blind. Her name was helen. Keller when anna arrived into scum alabama and. Helen didn't get off to a running start. Helen also had a short temper and was notoriously hard to teach and was a young teacher just beginning her career at twenty years old. She soon realized her curriculum. As it stood not be very helpful to helen and got permission from helen's parents to live alone with helen. In a nearby cottage this distance allowed and to work with helen. One on one. It also allowed the to work outside an realized that helen could learn by using her senses of smell touch and taste to connect the vocabulary. She was learning to the world around her and used her. Grooved board to help helen. Learn how to write and finger spelling to help Associate those written words to objects and sensations within six months. Helen had learned nearly six hundred words most of her multiplication tables and how to read braille and eventually convinced helen's parents to send helen to the perkins school where an and helen continued working together. Helen an and became well known celebrities. They had so much support. In fact that when helen's parents could no longer afford her schooling. The cost was picked up by none other than millionaire. Andrew carnegie and helped helen continue her studies. In one thousand nine hundred. Helen received her degree from radcliffe with it. She became the first deaf. Blind person to graduate from college and helen were inseparable in nineteen o five and married a harvard. University instructor named john a macy when the new couple moved into a massachusetts farmhouse. Helen came with them. John even helped edit helen's autobiography which and helen had been writing for years around nineteen thirteen john. Ann's relationship ended when john move to europe the to never officially divorced and continued to accompany helen on speaking engagements and was her lifelong companion in the nineteen ten's despite their fame. The pair found it hard to stay afloat financially and played herself in the first film adaptation of her life but the movie was a box office failure the nineteen twenties and i condition had deteriorated. She had her right eye removed to improve her health and died on october twentieth. Nineteen thirty six in forest hills. New york helen sat by an ends final moments ends ashes for placed at the national cathedral in washington. Dc all month for honoring champions of education for more on. Why we're doing what we're doing..

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