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Stressing me out far stop, please stop guys, please. You have to stop. That's the Harriet Tubman of keep it right. I'm kidding. I'm more of a suggestion truth. 'cause I tell it like it. Ain't you a woman. By keep it this week is. About Louis CK who as we prepare to do. I show last night and I started to drift off to bed a woke me. I sat up as if from some nightmares dream looked at my phone. What is this as op fable ad saw that Louis c. k. took the stage on Monday night in New York and did a surprise. Fifteen minutes set and was met with a ovation. I noticed that the Hollywood reporter say, said that he was met with an ovation and a standing ovation. There was fading. There was. You know what? No one wanted him to come back for one, but what was more annoying than the fact that he went into this? You know, nonconsensual fifteen minutes set is the fact that Twitter once again lost their goddamn minds this morning with everybody jumping out of the woodwork to be like Louis CK served his time waits artists time. He when did he serve his time? Those ten minutes seems vacation. Also, I think you know, people remember that stories being well, he apologized. Do you know what he did for a long time? Lied about it for like years and years and years, and he was dogged by those allegations. So the least you could do is spend more than like thirty one minutes putting him in what like the penalty box. Also, he's one of the only people who admit it what he did right jerk it off in a fuck in plant like those plants next to us right now, I'm afraid Louis CK's commas in it. Oh, jeez. All right. I'm gonna move to another. Cast here. Also, again, people don't know how to write headlines because I saw multiple headlines, said, said, Louis CK, resurfaces after his sexual harassment or whatever allegations, he said he did it. Where he said, yes, I did all those things. They're not fucking allegations anymore. It's truth. It's what happened. He did it. He said he did it. And when you use language like that again, you're just protecting these terrible men and I don't understand why everyone can't just be better. Meanwhile, Z's on. Sorry, is coming back. He he did his show. Matt Lauer was caught. I think by TMZ and he said something like, I'll be back on TV soon. Like it's not even been a year. Don't threaten us. Listen, MTV needs something. There. That's the other thing. Matt Lauer wraps. K. this stuff came out in November of twenty seventeen. It hasn't even been a full calendar year like he can't even the notion that they've served their time or that they deserve. Anything is ridiculous. He's done nothing to make up for anything that he's done. I mean, there's a chance I suppose that he's been doing this all in private, but I don't know any steps he's taken to be better or to make amends with the women that he did this to. It hasn't even been a year. It sounds like he just his life quietly as a millionaire for Amanda text me back since November twenty. It hasn't been that long. Reminds me of that what Hannah gets beside how we're obsessed with protecting reputations like uncomfortable for us to just live with the fact that someone's reputa- man's reputation has been ruined and it's just well, he hasn't done enough to recover from it. You can't just come right back. You know, our, our. I wish you were today. Grows. This last episode keeping the Rumen pod save move moving there. I have just one more keep it. Oh, God. Oh, I was watching some van upon rows reruns on Hulu as was seeing commercials, every commercial break for this podcast called the daily. I saw like ten different commercials for the daily during an episode of van apart rules, and I've had enough I where you don't pay the twelve ninety nine to get the no commercials Hulu with TV, which is already like forty dollars. Okay. So I can have a DVR and watch Bravo live class. So you're saying you don't wanna even be reminded of the existence of other podcast is too hard. I understand that I just want to keep it commercial on who lived we're at a network. Were they make other podcasts? Oh, I haven't listened to them..

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