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The firm self he calls and I don't criticize he calls himself a democratic solution well we're already seeing with dawn troop is going to do that and then exactly is actor but adding to stop letting us that Bernie you know does not gonna stop Bernie really mayor **** platitudes here's the problem with mayor Pete in the end is these squish nobody knows exactly where he stands on any of these issues and he refuses to answer tough questions he's not exactly moderate who's just basic question about Israel the other he just refused to answer them straight out judge is is not a moderate but he also isn't willing to campaign is a radical because you made the decision is smart decision early on he was gonna get into the moderate lane as opposed to in the left leaning lane you figure that Warren and Sanders are already occupying the left lane he could move in the moderate lane and Biden was a paper tiger and he moved in that lane could do some serious damage and now he's trying to squish his way through this thing so mayor Pete was actually just posting platitudes from his CNN gave you the other day were with easy posted a tweet himself saying the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue what in the F. is that supposed to mean me what is it like a hexagon the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue well then I guess problem solved what yeah I don't even know how to characterize that statement and brought the bomb was famous for making ridiculous empty platitudes that one takes the cake that one is really really solid I mean that is solid stuff everybody judges campaign by the way is also really over produced in fact judges getting hit today because judges campaign actually inserted on his official Twitter account applause in a line that he had on CNN center hall last night it's a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations to try to make sure that the future really is better than the.

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