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Guy. But you're right. Not he was. He was a magician with the pen. Do one of the great leader. I mean, how about this one Bob Dylan calls you envy is like a hunter. Can you help me write some songs? You think I think you're pretty well qualified as a songwriter like hunter. You know, Flash? Yeah. Dog he deplores. He's over here right now. Just silently looking for love, Head of lap. Eyes looking up calling George Carlin says the brow ridge because the dogs have eyebrow dio. They look atyou with an eyebrow. Yeah, and it's like they're never going to get fed ever. Again, so I'll give you that eyebrow. Look, will you feed me so good? By the way, showed up to our guy Gary Lebec from beautiful Los Gallos, California He was our $100 Provident Visa gift card winner. And guess what? One more before 8 30 Jim Ernst, the good people of Providence. I think I like the only good thing right now to the Giants game last night. What was the guy's name? Gary Lebec. Kari Kari Lebec. I think we can introduce another new game here, based on the invention of your earlier game that you mentioned, which is, Can you identify whether or not the following is a member of the San Francisco Giants bullpen or if he's a Provident Credit Union? $100 winner like Gary Labrecque, If you told me Gary Lebrecht was like a promising young lefty coming a grand hall I'd be like, Yeah. Lebrecht. Maybe we'll see him tonight. We have backed by the way for cheers. Heads out there. I believe, wasn't Carla to tell he affiliate with Eddie Lebec from the Boston Bruins, Right? Wasn't that would be your call? You don't tell me. I'm pretty darn sure Eddie Lebec was a Boston brewing and I know he was a goalie. I know she was with a goal. Yes, I think it was Eddie Lebec flashes.

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