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Means the honed of cullen now. I've walked by that many times. I've never really appreciated it. It sort of enlivened your experience when you know the stories. Did you learn that in school. Did your parents teach it to you. Did you read a book. How would you know these kinds of legend. Yes learned it in school. But the eighteen hundreds we had this celtic revival and people like william butler yeats and other great artistic irish people brought these legends back to life in poetry and songs learn about them in school but we also hear about the poems and songs laughing all the time out it so it comes up in your music all the time. Yeah and also our art joe. That was fun to hear stevens. Can i just had the whole kuku. Saga is called the ulster cycle And one of my favorite parts of the cyclists demand of ulster were gathered at a big games The king of ulster boasted loudly that his two horses could outrun anything in the kingdom and one drunken minor chief close by said. My wife could run faster than those so the king made him proves and his life would be forfeit. If the woman didn't win the race fortunately for this man he was married to a woman with a little bit of magic and she won the race but she was also forced to run naked and she was heavily pregnant and when she collapsed over the line having beaten the two horses and saved her husband's life she gave birth to twins who with onto hob legends of their own but a goddess named bucker was looking down she was not happy with the treatment of a pregnant woman so she called a curse on the men of ulster and the course worth that every year for over receivable future for three or four days in a particular mont. The men of ulster would be confined to bed with the pangs of childbirth. So i always got a great reaction from the women under coach. But i was just amazed that you guys both know both of these legends and that right there is just scratching the surface of you. Guys it's a deep appreciation of the history and the heritage in mythology and it goes way back so you do need to have kind of an understanding first of all how far back to those stories go. It's impossible to tell because they were only handed down in an oral tradition. We one of the very influential people in celtic or gaelic society was the storyteller. The bart before Christianity arrived in knowledge that we had no written language. Stories were not written down until the sixth seventh and eighth century and written by monks sometimes with a little bit of embellishment to make it all pre christian. Not right. yeah the fact that they weren't christian obviously dates it a bit at there. Were two thousand years right. Well and in the stories you see a talks about the types of weapons used so there's some bits of contemporary evidence there that would put this to around five hundred busy five hundred. Never take no stephen when we go back to five hundred bc. We have all this movement to people's and just very briefly give us ervin overview got angles saxons and celts. And then he got. Norman's and vikings has just kinda define how all that mixes together. Yes important to say though that the british isles are the british and irish aisles. At this time that we're talking about when cucolo was running around. Were all celtic generally see. That's fundamentally was all celtic and then what happens to celts. Had an empire that stretched from croatia and northern italy. All the way through. France done and to spain an open to britain and ireland. But they didn't have any common king or we were. We were a cultural empire. There was no political empire. Lisa in spain and brittany and france. There are also celtic. Exactly the romans went to war with the celts. Which kelt comes from cal. Toy which is greek for dirty smelly barbarian or something to that effect and they They started crushing us. Sending us into the fringes open to brittany up into galicia that you just said. And then when they cartland into scotland and wales and also cornwall in the south to hang on and they never came to ireland the romans so the celtic culture lived on there whereas in the rest of the countries it became more a fringe clear the romans and and later what are the angles and the saxons. Then they were the germanic tribes. Who came in to britain. After the romans were were the roman. I wish the celts and then the angles saxons took that land that the romans were running after rome fell yes. The celts. don't have a connection to. The romans are to the angles and the saxons germanic so an angles came over and made angle land england. Yes now then you got the normans and you got the vikings. Vikings came first and then the normans. Yes and the normans of course are descended from the vikings who came from scandinavia. Don't into northern france okay so it really that movement from people up in the north that came and they were just warrior tribes and they terrorize and settle different areas. So all that works together today when we want to travel on ireland. Let's just talk about some of the sites. You might see joe. If you're driving around ireland you wanna see different kinds of mysterious sites stonehenge age sites sites that go back to the places stonehenge. We have some remarkable neolithic monuments and our at at the most famous would be new. Grange sony Less than an hour's drive north of dublin. And then and then we we know about stone circles in england in ireland at we have lots of stone circles That i know of one just a small stone circle we know nothing about it or the dentist there outside the town of ken mair well and when you when you travel around dingle peninsula for example one of our favorite places in the southwest of ireland. It's like an open air archaeological museum everywhere. You look. there's these mysterious stone structures that date back to over a thousand years ago in celtic crosses to me are just very evocative. The celtic cross. That's the early christians artem. They used the mythology that was already there and the worship systems that were already there and they incorporated them into christianity on the celtic cross incorporates. The sun a circle into the crucifix. And that's is that a way to make pagan people a little more comfortable with the nabulyato to incorporate they're not necessarily worship song but their belief that the song everything. That's gordon badge. This is travel with rick. Steves were talking about celtic and ancient ireland or guides are joe darcy. Steven mcphillips our phone. Number's eight seven seven. Three three three seven. Four to five and brent is on the phone from columbus. In ohio brent. Thanks for calling one. Thanks for taking my call. Yeah how's your experience in ireland when it comes to You know mysterious spits of the past. Well i'm actually planning a trip to scotland and ireland coming up. And i've read so much about the fairy forts and ferry mounds and some of the ferry gardens and really interested in where i might be able to best experience or see some of that. And how do i respectfully bring that up as a topic. Because i understand there might be some a little bit of some superstition around that and how i bring it up. Might be kind of important stephen. Any thoughts for brent brent. It's good that you've asked the question because there is a little bit of sensitivity around. There's people that you would say. Can you show us where the ferry ford isn't. Everybody will know where the ferry ford is. But not everybody will believe in it but we do have a lot of respect for it. So it's good that you're gonna be sensitive about people will embrace you two and there's people in every parish every village in ireland who happy to take you to the ferry ford or share the legends with you but also tell you the doom that awaits dare you upset the ferry fort because you took me to a place stephen. In dingo were the road was straight and then it actually went around ferry. Ford could have continued to go straight. But you didn't want to disturb it. That's right yeah. And you say that popping up everywhere people changing role directions and not not wanting to cut down hawthorn trees in the middle of a field and certainly not wanting to damage a stolen throat. so brent should say when. He's talking to his irish friend. Excuse me is there. I mean it was rookie to ask for a very fort. Just.

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