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I could've brought down earlier in that game. But they would've changed the whole thing. What did you in your court case? So do we do there? I could appeal. We did. Okay. It was actually gonna high right after my senior year gotta kill. Hold on. Hold on. If you're good fucking store, you need to we need to hear this old on. I mean, you're just you're breaking up there. We need glue. Dear face what happened in Ohio State fan? Hurt your draft stock. This is the makings for story that I should here. I was in Michigan, obviously. And it was like HANA state game ended we lost like forty three to forty two. We went for for two point to win the game. And we didn't get it. Heartbreak hotel right population back to go back to my my house or whatever upstate at and some hands. And we decided we're gonna go at the girls eating at the time by my brother and a buddy from high school in this place. So the Brown jug fun little bar. They do karaoke out as and I like to get my dad's. Go out them. Some Jag off with a big microphone mouth. Yelling. A he's house. Stays young. How Michigan sucks doesn't bother me? When the bubble. My brother. Thank you all the time like says this so drunk he hit checks Opole and lost for these four guys are like my age. Now twenty seven old really about the fight my nights ago. I ran over there. I pushed the guy down and making a big guys. But I talked about all this is ended up breaking up with the girl that was with. And then she told the cops. I totally hit the guy. That's all the time. Man living boy south living, she apologized about. So we're all good. Hey, thanks for telling us that story there, by the way, an offense pushing somebody. I mean, it's you'd think it would help you just like I thought Laremy Tunsil took that gas masks face didn't cough. I was like be fuck of. All time Taylor last question. One. That night. And everybody's like this is going to hurt them. I texted Chuck Pagano. I was like, hey, I've hit that a similar gas master the fact that he did not call at one time. I think I might be in the best shape of any. Thai. Schmidt from Iowa has questions the last one, we pushy at you, man. Yeah. Taylor. I haven't Nashville in a while just curious what are some of your favorite spots out? There are places that I should check out. Yeah. That's awesome. One place. I'll tell you to go here. Go to nationals. Don't go to Broadway. Don't good at midtown. And you're gonna go to a spot near midtown. There's going to be a place for all the winners. You're going to drive you're gonna drive right past that place. And there's a place where next to loser. That's where we that. That's it. That's the. We've learned football. We are like winters this full fiscal assholes because they think there winners losers. Win. We lose something. Here. We are. And everybody has a good time. That is that is the in my opinion. It's so much fun. It's actually owned by the same guy that I always both those bars. But if you're black. That sought out and you when you're out there you led daddy. No. Losers. Chain smokers in boos or we. Hey, are you country music fans? You have to be I guess, I'm a fan of real country music. I'm not into the whole like that that they got beats. Now do eat again is with the twang and not a fan of that. But I do I do like the old school. Ten era church, right? Love their church, Bank Midland. Love them. You guys need to get on those boys. Those boys got it all figured out. They're bringing back the good eighties nineties covering. Hey land. Chris Stapleton air church. Those guys have got the whole thing figured out. He's still tell you what the kings of Leon with the boys. Yeah, they're awesome. They're those guys are characters there. They Louis there. They are Nashville. There's so much fun time. Opec mcafee. I think they would enjoy that next time. I haven't talked to him since I was in an article, though, they had an article about them how they were trying to stop drinking. It was like a Rolling Stone article..

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