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Was too wet to whoo. What makes her difficult? Asks anisa. Watching Pluto sway on her perch. Izzy looks fondly at the owl. Well, we acquired her as a potential display bird. But she just doesn't take well to training. She hisses at most of the handlers when they pass by, tries to bite. She's also very territorial, and won't tolerate the presence of male birds, so we can't use her for breathing. Is he offers blade weather strip of raw chicken, which she gulps down, serenely. But she likes you. Any observes. Is he smiles ruefully? I'm not one of her trainers. It's easy to like people who ask nothing of you. Is he pauses? Eyes, but the wet with exaggerated care. Or at least it's easy to not hate them. Before anisa leaves with the rest of her class, is he writes down Mavic nokian for her on a piece of paper. A rather deft doodle of an owl's face inside a 5 pedaled flower, and an invitation

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