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You said they will help mall employees pay for an N T S pass. So they don't have to drive to work the first big reveal of the Oscars. This year may be the host or the collection of them. CBS news. Steve futterman. Explain traditionally, the Oscars have had one main hope now, I turn you over to the more the capable hands of tonight's master of ceremonies mister, Johnny. Carson Johnny Carson, Bob Hope more recently, Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Kimmel, but this year there may not be one host. Oscar officials originally wanted Kevin Hart to leave the show. That Bill through when past homophobic comments by heart surfaced. Now. There are reports the academy may decide to go with a series of big name stars to introduce various segments. Steve Futterman, CBS news, Los Angeles. I here's news as Heather Myers with your micro-climate forecast. Clouds out there today and temperatures adder even slightly below seasonal averages or back to the low sixties the beaches today, mid to upper sixties for the inland valley locations that high surf advisory stays in place along the entire coastline until ten o'clock this evening on AM, seven sixty. I'm news as Heather Myers fair and sixty one in del mar last week a young man known as a superfan of the Purdue University Boilermakers died from bone cancer. Tyler Trent was only twenty today. We're learning the FBI has arrested a Florida man who made death threats against transfat family after he died. There's more breadwinner bowl coming up AM, seven sixty talk and breaking news. The government shutdown reality hits on Friday. And we'll talk about it.

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