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That's classic of what's happening right here. Yeah, And eventually they're gonna have to realize that Carson Wentz is a distressed property. I'm sorry was that I should I should I had decided not. Actually, Actually, not. Then the whole realtor thing. No, no, it work E. I don't think it's good stress property. I just think they over. They assumed it was worth more than its worth. And now they're chasing the market's not necessarily destroy. And, yeah, I mean, it's distressed from only only standpoint is Now, you once you say what you put a guy on the market on the trade market. Now it is over, right? It's like once you call the divorce attorney like it's over. Doesn't there's no taking that one back? Yeah, they need to see reality That Ah, player is only worth what someone's gonna pay for, right? It's like they say that about memorabilia, right? Well, how much is this card worth? You know the Honus Wagner remember billion worth? Well, what's worth about 500 Grand? But then somebody Ah, winning bid on an auction is 175 grand. Well, guess what? It's worth 100 $75,000. I mean that that's that's kind of what it is or Hey, This is probably worth about a million. But you know what? Todd McFarlane decides I'm going to spend $6 million on this baseball. So then it's worth $6 million. That's kind of where it's at with the Eagles. They have to realize that his worth is not what Matthew Stafford's was, You know, Matthew Stafford getting traded and a couple of first round picks and a third round pick going the other way. Mainly it's because they had to take on Jared Golf's contract, but you see that and think. Well, Carson Wentz is as good as Matthew Stafford. Well, OK, no, I mean, certain guys are seeing their their prices go up to Shawn Watson certainly saw his price go up the good the great quarterbacks this seeing their price go up, but this is this is what the reality is for the Eagles, and at some point they have to Kind of deal with it as a I'll go another. I'll go another one. If you have to deal as a sunk cost, right way drafted Carson Wentz. It didn't work out. We just have to move him for what we can. We got to get out from under this, and we have to move on because we've said publicly, we're going to trade him. And when you say publicly you're gonna trade somebody and you're not sure about what the outcome's going to be. You could take a risk and get burned because that's the Eagles did If the Eagles didn't say Hey, we're trading Carson Wentz. Everything would be fine, but they misjudged his value. And so when you They were trading somebody and, you know, look, his house. He's still sitting out on the market. Of course, it's gonna be worth less and less. The Eagles have to do something soon because they're not going to get a values aren't going to go up for him. They have to suck it up and bite the bullet and say, You know what? It didn't work? Well, we didn't get the first round pick we wanted We can get a couple of seconds we can get out from under him. It's not a big deal or not paying. Jalen hurts any money for the next four years. He's on a great contract was we got him in the second round, and they just have to move on. And the sooner they come to that realization, the easier it's going to be in the better it is for them to move on, Get whatever draft all they want to get and figure out what they want to do with the team. I don't know if there's his bigger Russia's You think there is, obviously you know, you'd like to get it done before the before the draft. But, yeah, I think it's my problem with like, what is their plan? I guess they're playing Is the draft a quarterback? Because Jalen hurts his, by my estimation, not the answer. Long term, I mean it. Had got badly exposed yet he they beat the Saints when the Saints didn't have a book on him. Then he look good against the Cardinals didn't have very good defense and then Once people got a book on him, his limitations got exposed. Um like, Look, I think he's fine. But you know in, you know, he just limited as a pocket passer. And there's a reason that people thought of him as a third or fourth round pick and You know now how you rose been drafted him. So maybe Howie Roseman has a greater belief in him, and I know there's a locker room, believing him. An old guys generally like him. But there's just a what we've seen. There seems to be a limit a ceiling, a lower ceiling, then Karsh once the problem is that custom wins is experiencing a lower floor than you have with Jalen hurts in terms of how he's playing right now. I just I know I don't know what they're doing. You know, I know that the hiring process was a poop show and you know you had to have somebody was willing to take orders from up top. But why would you hire Head coach. You know who worked with Frank Reich? Unless you thought you were going to hold on to Carson, Wentz, and now you want to get rid of Carson ones. That part doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, It's like they decided that everybody is on a different page. You know, like Jeffrey. Lori clearly is in for the rebuild, Right? Okay. I'm good with the rebuild like they got rid of Doug Peterson. We're gonna trade Carson. Want something? I get that But I don't get that The rest of the team isn't on the rebuild. Well, it's that's all we have going on here. I mean, that's why the quicker they trade Carson Wentz, They confined their direction, right. What's our identity going to be a way to try to go for with Jalen hurts? I like him a little bit more than you do. I think mainly because all right, the guy went through a season where there was no pre season wraps. There was no anything he didn't get any of the first team reps. And then suddenly he's kind of thrown out there, and he showed glimpses of being a pretty good quarterback. He had some 300 yard games. Had one game where he threw three touchdowns against Arizona. You mentioned that game, so I'm okay with it. All right, Let's give. Let's give Jalen hurts a shot here as we go through the offseason with his close to a normal offseason, we're gonna have is gonna take all the reps. He's going to get games before he goes in, and he showed glimpses, and I'm a big fan of if you showed glimpses. I'll give you a chance, but yeah, we should They get a quarterback. Yeah, but this They need to find out who they are, like. All teams need to find out who they are. What's the right? What's the Jets identity going to be? Are they staying with through Sam? Donald? Are they not? It's like everybody's in this big holding pattern while things get figured out with the quarterbacks, and it's Carson Wentz, and then when he gets traded, then it'll be okay. One of the Jets gonna do with Sam Darnell's He gonna get traded, then if someone really going to call it an offer for Derek Carr The Raiders are kind of in a in a situation right now where they don't know how they're going forward. It's like the whole league is being held hostage by where we got all these quarterbacks, and so we know where their destinations are gonna be there all just kind of in this limbo and that that could go on for months, and we can you go into the draft, or you know, into free agency and potentially out of free agency with some of these things will not be an answer. Yeah. You know, I it is interesting, like the wind thing is fascinating. I don't like I don't think jail hurts the starting quarterback long term in the NFL. I'll put that one on record. I do think there's there's a little bit of anybody but Carson Wentz to it. And I know you need mobile quarterbacks. I think what's fascinating is, you know everybody points out..

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