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The Thursday morning, welcome to a new month September 1st, 2022, clear column very pleasant overnight early morning with low humidity upper 50s and 60s before we're done. Right now we're at 67. I mean, lane we do indeed, thank you for taking this along for your thirsty morning rye, topping the local stories we are looking at for you as we head into this day together. We begin with more information this morning for you about the Saturday afternoon shooting locally on D.C. two 95 in northeast involving an off duty FBI police officer. The officer tells D.C. police it all started when another driver collided with their car on the freeway. That driver refused to stop so the officer followed them, then things escalated with the other drivers shooting at the officer's car several times, the drivers even exchanged gunfire in the area of D.C. two 95 and nanny Helen Burroughs avenue, according to the police report, the officer wasn't hurt, police are still looking for the other driver who the officer says had three other people in the car with them. Michelle bash, WTO news. New details now about a deadly shooting in the high blood valley area locally a fairfax county county police say 21 year old damari Norris of Alexandria was the man found shot in the parking lot located on Vernon square drive this week. He later died at a hospital. 22 year old Francisco Juarez also from Alexandria is charged this morning with second degree murder in the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Lisa appears that Juarez shot Norris multiple times in the upper body and a witness held him down until officers actually arrived on scene two firearms were found at the scene we're told, war is being held this morning without bond and investigators in the case are still working to determine what led up to the shooting. They're looking for a motive here. WTO P at one O 5, a child in Montgomery county, suffering serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle that tried to pass a school bus. The public school bus was stopped along walker's choice road near the Lake force mall when the accident happened, Montgomery county police say the bus was dropping students off and had its red flashing lights activated when a driver went around the bus, hitting a 7 year old girl who was trying to cross. She was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police say the driver did stay on the scene. Melissa Howell, WTO

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