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I'm JD Roth. I'm a television producer and a plant strongman, Christie Rod. Holistic Nutrition is physical therapist and I am plant strong as well. I have Dr Caldwell, the Esselstyn Jr I work at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. The book I wrote, is called Prevent Reverse Heart disease, and I'm rips Father. My name's James works on the producer on the film. I am. Dean chairs I the co director of Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention program in Loma Linda University. I'm Aisha shares I I'm, a neurologist and co director of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention program at Loma Linda University and were so privileged to be part of this journey with you. My hope is that for every Joe and every Jane that's out there. This season will inspire you and inform you as you to take action and become the plan. Strong person that you were destined to be. Welcome. Plant strong. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I heart radio at number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one I. Heart radio goes one on one with Neil Sean of Journey to ask if they would welcome Steve Perry back Should the opportunity arise. You know, Steve obviously contributed a lot like we all did. And created everything that we are carrying on. But you know this is an act of van. We're still very active, and I'm all good with it. Like I've always said before the past, he's.

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