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Well she said there are people that she offered to help and she doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for her so a whole new life for her I also trending in entertainment and the world will know his name and the truth a new movie jul takes us back to the time of the centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta in nineteen ninety six Richard Jewell as a security guard who found a backpack there and told police and help people get out of the area he was initially hailed as a hero by the media but then considered a suspect in he was hounded by that same media before ultimately being cleared coming out in December let's take a look let's get a new take on R. Richard years we're gonna do we need a voice example I want to say into this phone there's a bomb in centennial park if thirty minutes Richard your national hero now thank you Sir I do my job the Jules it's the profile of the lone bomber the frustrated white man who is a police want to be who seeks to become a hero yesterday you don't talk what's clear your name I want to say there's a bomb in centennial park you have thirty minutes trying to be their best friend right more stories looking each you ally Allman center park I'm sorry what is accusing two of the most powerful forces in the world the United States government the media there's a bomb in centennial park you have thirty minutes Richard Jewell is an innocent man is a hero there is a thirty minute time slot I report the facts thirty what's.

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