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The eight sandbox Durant Edens expressway on the inbound side rob right now you're looking at. Just nineteen minutes from lake cook to the Kennedy nineteen back out Lake cook the Kennedy inbound got a report, of some debris. In the center lane just Paseo high feet are reported to be a. Cabinet there forty two minutes from here to downtown in twenty eight in from the junction the local twenty two in the express lanes Alabama eighteen minutes to Montrose. And thirty-three out. To O'Hare Eisenhower inbound fifty minutes from route three ninety two downtown. In thirty one in from. Mannheim twenty two out to Mannheim thirty five minutes out to. Three ninety on the Stevenson inbound forty six minutes three fifty five to lakeshore drive in twenty nine. In from the tri-state outbound twenty-six out to the tri-state thirty minutes. Out to rather thirty six minutes out to three fifty five the Dan Ryan inbound, twenty eight from ninety fifth to the burn interchange twenty onto ninety. Fifth fifty year delay. Free but the Bishop forty amendments, to a report of a vehicle fire, just, past, eighty ninety four, no major, issues because of though fifteen minutes from. Eighty ninety four to. The merge on the lakeshore drive northbound, side you're heavy, through grand park southbound slow from the oak street curb Chicago avenue the Tri state, tollway northbound still heavy from the hillsdale oasis to Ogden and then again from Roosevelt about moral southbound slow. From the Jane Addams the Bentonville bridge on the Jane Addams tollway itself eastbound heavy Meacham to route fifty three no Reagan. Delays three fifty, five northbound slow sixty to eighty eight Roosevelt north avenue also on the southbound side You're heavy from north avenue to Butterfield southbound route fifty three, on the brakes while gone before Higgins that's because of, roadwork that blocks the left lane I eighty eastbound you're slow. Approaching I fifty five the westbound side on the brakes from, Briggs to pass. Larkin in northwest Indiana were still looking pretty good on eighty ninety four. I sixty five and on the Indiana toll road and the Gresham neighborhood crash with injuries Seventy-six then hall said to look out for some delays in the area. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on News Radio seven. Eighty five point nine FM AccuWeather forecast for this afternoon clouds and some sun remaining. Quite warm and humid with a severe. Thunderstorm later on this afternoon and into the evening, that can bring damaging winds hail and flooding downpours high today eighty six. One round of showers has pushed out of the Chicago area but there is another one on the. Way later tonight mostly cloudy warm and humid a. Seventy-one then tomorrow a mix of. Clouds and sun. Not nearly as hot with a shower or thunderstorm around and a high of eighty right now it's seventy at O'Hare seventy four. Midway seventy one at the lakefront and Glenview light rain seventy one degrees going up to eighty six WBZ market watch the Dow is up thirteen points the s&p, five hundred up six and a half and the NASDAQ is up twenty three, WBZ news.

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