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And if he didn't say, look, Andy, there's not a lot of sixty year old relief pitchers that would be that would be a reasonable request. Right. You still would let them any has the face like, I'd let you follow your dream. And do you like George Plumpton type thing? But I don't know. I don't know if I I don't know if I would I think, pruning, there's something to press. Croon off a couple of hobbies book prune off of islander don't reach for your dreams Dante's. Yeah. Some dreams. Yeah. I can't on six hours a day. Not going to have to we could to it also has to do with this focused and energy a g. Yeah. I think now we know how to focus. We don't have as much energy. But we know how to focus what energy we do have that whole period where I took sewing lessons. Just because I thought it would be like good for my brain to work with spatial reasoning. Like seriously, I did. And it was like interesting by mostly just followed instructions in like did which she told me, and then like made a thing that I never wore. But like a lot of time spent and now I sort of feel like, you know, what fuck sewing. I like writing songs is what I like. Right. I liked to do whether it's like a dumb parody song for Christmas show or a song. We've right for friend for their birthday or or something for my album or something for musical like whatever it is. I like to write songs, I can't wait to get back through ruining sauce. You love do you love writing? I like writing songs in the more the more. I like it like the more. I do focus on it in a regular way. Like, you know, like it's a job get up and do it every day, the more the more fun. It is. I'm like Randy Newman. But without the all mazing things he produced because he says he hates he hates to writing songs does. He really hate. But maybe say that the old days. Weirdly makes a lot of sense. If it just seems very crowded city, but I want to if I do write more songs I want to have fun doing it. I don't want to torture myself. I think I can do that. Let's go back to a little podcast chat about when you started comedy a friend's just said, you should do this. You started doing it? And then people always want this like when did you know that you were going to be a musician over and like there was never a HIV? It'll moment, right. Like, yes. I'm going to be a musician. You know, and it sounds like there was not a comedy moment. Like that for you. Well, it wasn't a sense that I basically quit. I'm quitting this plan. Couldn't play or anything. I hated everything. When I started to get the comedy thing going and started to have a met momentum of its own because I think there is like kind of an egalitarian side the comedy like really anybody can go anywhere and put their name. And I think I always felt music was more gatekeepers at the beginning. But I should probably just my own imaging again. No, I think you're probably right. Well, what with with with comedy? I mean, it started to get going. I would do these things and then just a career. I also came up in the eighties. When there was a comedy boom wrote. So within four years of starting standup. I was on the road thirty weeks a year forty weeks schools in western New Jersey, I did rascals in west orange club. The club owners liked me. That's the only reason why I got booked. That's the thing that people don't realize if you go ten minutes outside of New York City like on the island Jack's top of the town. Jack's top of the town..

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