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He told me you've never talked for an hour. I talked our once before in public and why what happened was it a bad our? No, it was great. Oh, yeah. So worked out, but you grew up in California. Yes. Northern california. That's the best. Yeah. Where'd you? Grow up around San Francisco, like thirty minutes south. What was your family doing up there? My family's been in San Francisco for generation for giant, the Cartolini's of San Francisco were different names seriously. My father's grandmother was born there. And so my my great grandmother, my grandmother, my father, my sister. Her son have all been born in San Francisco, and then my mom's sites one generation less. There's been there forever. They've been there for a long time. But we're the come from originally like New York. No, they're all like checked in an Ellis Island. And I mean, according to family more, they all checks in Ellis Island and kept going from Italy my dad's. Live from Italy. My mom's side from Ireland. Some other pieces of the puzzle is the best Germany and Irish Italian four on Catholic, genetically Catholic. Yes. For hundreds of years. Yes. Lots of children big families. Yeah. Have you visited those places? I've been to Italy. I've never been Ireland Ireland's beautify now. I'm dying to go. I really would love to go are just there. I've only been to Dublin and Kilkenny, but like it's beautiful. That's more than I've got. Yeah. I know, but we're going Italy. I've been well. I I the first time I went there played soccer there. I played a lot of soccer when I was a kid, and I. Entries playing soccer was because you were great at it. Or because it was just a high school enough. And there was a team that was going, and I could go, and we're young you point against you talion. So the first time I went to Denmark, and Holland and the second, and we save a family is when I thirteen and the second time, I went I went to Italy, Austria, France and Germany, oh, man. And so I went to Verona, and we got we got our handed to us. But we had a great time. But so that was the first time I went I didn't play I've done a play there in Italy as a grownup as a as a college student and. Which I was leaving to do right after freaks and geeks. And why would you go do? Ancient play. And what was the ancient boy, it was a version of LANCELOT? But it was you're saying your your question now. Because now, I have an interesting memory. It's sort of like I can hold onto things for a short period of time. But my long-term is a little bit. And it doesn't matter. How the offices to me I've sort of the opposite. Yeah. Really, no matter what it was like. Well, that's because it's not so important units. Absolutely gone. Yeah. It goes somewhere else. But my short-term works. Well fram. Get through the day, memorize my lines brief read a book, and then read it again a year later. Lancelot? Yes. But there was a it was like one of the first non-secular plays, and it was being performed with this. This medieval play festival, and so the teacher of ours took us, and we went and that so I remember that's after the pilot of freaks and geeks. That's what I went to did that where you are. Are you didn't have a huge career in show business yet? So, you know, trying fix wasn't my first show people always think it was. But let me ask you a couple of question about growing up in San Francisco did any of your family actually live in the city. SF San Francisco itself when I was growing up here. But they started they started there, and then kind of spread out, and then my brother moved there. And, you know, people always lived, you know, movie did you go when you were growing up is that where you used to hang out like go to San Francisco, sometimes I'll even go there all the time. Yeah. Party there or what you know. What I mean? It was more of like a adventure more suburban life. Right. Yeah. Because it's like such a freak show. San francisco..

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