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A cumulus stations. News now Male NEWS. It's six time Maria Leaf Internet issues that had prevented people in Virginia from registering to vote on this final day ahead of the general election have now been resolved. Eva Rise and Fiber in Chesterfield County was inadvertently cut during a roadside utilities project that interrupted Internet access for much of Virginia government, including our Apartment of elections. Governor Northern says he support a court order to extend the voter registration deadline. That deadline is set in our code, and it does not appear that I have the authority to change. It was the governor's first public appearance since recovering from Corona virus, coming as a kidnapping plot involving Michigan's governor also included the Virginia governor nor the matting. He and his family are safe. Harbour Bridge W E Mail and w e mail dot com A dozen members of M S 13 in custody tonight accused of drug trafficking and Murders That happened in Woodbridge in Dumb freeze last year Gym Dawson's with the F B I because of the hard work in this investigation. Over the past year, guns and drugs were taken off the street 16 individuals were charged for homicides. Drug trafficking and a clique of Emma's 13 was dismantled. The gang members accused of bringing cocaine in Northern Virginia from New York City. The effort that the FBI was a partnership with Prince William County Police the confirmation hearing for Amy Cockney Barrett continuing this hour, Senator Tom Tillis has buried earlier about her time clerking for Justice Scalia understand that Justice Scalia att. Least in some sessions would have a mix of clerks they would be across the ideological spectrum. Was that the case when you were clerking for him, I would say that not all four of us Four clerks and we we're not. We're not all of the same mind there was a mix. You can watch the hearing on w e mail dot com A six story from the before times, Arlington led Virginia and domestic tourism spending last year. Tourist spent more than $3.5 billion in Arlington last year, a year over year increase of more than 4% in a bulge. That slightly widened the gap over Fairfax County, which came in second, Arlington accounted for more than 13% of the state's domestic tourism revenue, bringing in more than $133 million in state and nearly $100 million in loot. Cool tax revenue. These newly released figures or a time capsule from days that are long gone, for now, a reflection of a world of leisure and business travel that for now no longer exists. John Matthews on Double Male and W e mail dot com Apple announcing the launch of a design phone 12 that'll have new state of the art glass ceramic shield is tougher.

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