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Prominent members of Hong Kong's Democracy Movement to being arrested for organizing and taking part in illegal gatherings those detained in coordinated sweet by the police include the man known as the father of the Hong Kong democracy. Martin Lee the publishing tycoon. Jimmy Lai was also arrested. Save McDonnell is in Beijing. The arrests are said to be in relation to protests which happened last year early this week. Beijing's most senior official in the city lower winning code for new Security Law to deal with dissent in the former British colony and days ago. Reuters reported that judges acclaimed to be coming under pressure to hand out tough sentences to practices with global attention on the corona virus. Pandemic the Chinese government's handling of Hong Kong appears to be hardening the Prime Minister of lawsuit. Mr Bonnie says he's ordered the army onto the streets to uphold democracy. Monti said this was to protect the kingdom from elements in law enforcement institutions which he did not name. He's accused of undermining free speech and of abusing the courts. It comes a day after. The Constitutional Court ruled against this decision to suspend parliament and the country's police chief. The prime minister has been embroiled in scandal. Over the murder of his ex-wife Pakistan's president and some countries leading clerics have agreed that mosques may open to the public during the months of REMM which begins next week but house guidelines must be followed socratic. Amani has this report after a meeting with influential religious clerics this morning the Pakistani government announced prayers in most will be allowed during Ramadan. A number of conditions have been imposed including ensuring worshipers are at least two meters away each other however it is not clear how they will be enforced. A ban on prayers groups are more than five people that has been in place for the past. Few weeks has been regularly flouted. By significant number of mosques officials have said they have the right to revise the rules if the situation deteriorates but critics believed the Pakistan government has too reluctant to confront the country's religious lobby the BBC's succumbed to money without report. The Corona virus death toll in Spain has risen above twenty thousand. But the tally of five hundred sixty five was one of the lowest four days with more details. Here's a Europe regional editor Mike Sanders. This latest grim statistic take Spain above the threshold of deaths previously breached on by the United States and Italy and it may be an underestimate Madrid has asked the regions to send in more detail. Figures on deaths in care homes in the community. A downward trend is consolidating. The top public health officials and Ondo Simone said Spain was nearing the point. Which the lockdown could be eased. Some construction and factory workers went back this week. But Mr Simone said monitoring and assessment must continue world news from the BBC. A student activist accused of instigating anti-government riots in the Indian capital Delhi. Last December has been charged with sedition and promoting enmity shower Gel. Emma research student at Jane. You was arrested in January. He was accused of instigating protests against India's controversial Citizenship Amendment Act the British Medical Association. Which represents don't as has denounced an official request for staff treating Corona virus patients to reuse protective clothing. Professional Body reacted after public health. England said some compromise was needed to optimize the supply of gowns masks and gloves in times of extreme shortages. Dr Rob Howard is a spokesman. I don't think any healthcare worker should be expected to expose themselves to potential risks to their lives during the course of their work. It's a real disappointment to us that the government has been unable even after a month to address this progressively worsening shortage of Peop- all healthcare workers will feel torn about having to make such a critically difficult decision. Is this the Royal College Nursing said it was not consulted? Adding that's not providing protection was unacceptable. The British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Friday he would love to be able to wave a magic wand to increase supplies. Iran says another seventy three people have died after contracting corona virus. Taking the official toll for the number of dead to more than five thousand but this is widely believed to be an underestimate. The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic has changed his official address to avoid being located in a square named after a murdered Russian politician and art critic of President Putin the embassy in Prague found itself situated embar it nonstop square after the Czech authorities renamed the error in February according to a news website. The embassies address has now officially changed to Corinne. Eventually that's the latest..

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