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Well first news like Chris Miller on your personal weather station W. W. well A. M. F. and then less humid mid seventies even mid sixties for lows overnight thanks to a summer cool front as we continue through the day on Thursday looking at very nice conditions after a beautiful Wednesday that great weather will last through Thursday by late on the day Friday it does look like some of that McGinnis starts to return with a few isolated showers possible by Friday afternoon the forecast from your local weather expert WWL TV meteorologist Chris Franklin is minutes away after leading for several days Jefferson parish officials of temporarily fix the disgusting problem of raw sewage leaking along the board Avenue in memory area resident Ralph Smith told WWL TV that it's about time this happened quite a bit over the last seven months number of times because the same problem officials say someone illegally dumped concrete down a manhole in that blocked up the pipes temporary pump has been handling the job while Jefferson pair sewage department makes repairs a state appeals court today denied an NFL request for a stay in the next phase of the saints fans fraud lawsuit against the league which seeks answers about how an NFL officiating crew could miss a flagrant pass interference in personal foul the could have sealed the state's win in the NFC championship game should fisheries and seafood producers receive the same kind of protection as farmers get from the USDA WW well David Blake reports Louisiana senator John Kennedy is introducing a bill that seeks permanent disaster assistance considering what's happened from flooding our hurricane and the opening of the Bonnie Kerry still way the timing is just right Saosin sherry with P. and J. Alster company says this type of assistance has been needed for some time we are farming industry were not under agriculture one walling fisheries but not only relief for the farmers but for the process is that solely rely upon oysters sincerity says the low salinity conditions created on the golf an area waters has been disastrous and he says it's going to take time and money to make things right again now the forecast for the local weather record W. well Robert at first right boy what a difference a cold front in late July can make field very nice for this time of year in southeast Louisiana as temperatures only got into the mid to upper eighties across much of the region but that dry air in lots of sunshine it really was an enjoyable Wednesday looks like that great weather is going to continue one overnight tonight and into Thursday overnight temperatures into the sixties and seventies tomorrow afternoon but to the same highs mid to upper eighties under low humid conditions by Friday especially by the later afternoon and evening some of the golf buggies will be coming back but a twenty percent chance for some showers rain chances in that forty to fifty percent range more typical summertime by this weekend from your weather expert forecast center I'm Deborah B. L. TV meteorologist Chris Franklin I'm Chris Miller W. W. well first news we now join CBS sports radio already in progress from our Jefferson financial federal credit union studios on W. W. L. to spend it for the first four games of the season for testing positive for Austrian long took to Twitter early today and had this to say about a suspension I received a letter from the NFL few weeks ago saying that I failed a drug test for fostering the way the CBA works is a strict liability policy so I'm completely responsible for the things that are in my body whether the supplement I'm taking has on the label or not for everybody to know that I've never taking the supplement knowingly and I've never cheated the game and I never will I have notes those things don't really matter what really is important to me that people know that I'm not a cheater.

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